Special Dogmatic Theology Part Ten

The Ochelli Effect 10-1-2018 Jordan Maxwell

Continuing the series, Jordan Maxwell discusses his view on the historical person of Jesus Christ versus the metaphor of the Christ figure.

The narrative of the solar diety and the many layers of code within the book we call the Bible are fascinating when tracking the meaning of of the greatest story ever told.

Is it the only story ever told? What is the metaphor of the “Virgin Birth”? What about Eastern Religions?

What can quiet a storm? Is the god Zeus in the Bible? What is the mother religion?

Jordan took a few questions from Live listeners that drove much of the discussion.

What is a Judas Kiss? Is there a woman in the last supper image we all know?

Is the position of the sun the thing that actually tells the story of God’s son? Who is the light bringer?

Special Dogmatic Theology Part Ten

This series will continue until Jordan feels as though it is done.

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Ten – The Ochelli Effect 10-1-2018 Jordan Maxwell