Special Dogmatic Theology Part Eight

The Ochelli Effect 9-10-2018 Jordan Maxwell

Continuing the series, The common ground of denial and warped morality that bind three of the world’s major religions together.

What do the most recent scandals surrounding the Catholic Church say about it’s most basic concepts of corruption?

For those that believe there is only one God who created All things, we wonder how they reconcile the creation of evil.

Is there a master programmer for a simulation we find ourselves in? Jordan answers many listener questions.

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Eight

Jordan was off for a few weeks but will continue with the series in weeks to come.

We are quite pleased to do this and hope you the listener are gaining knowledge in the process.

There are many things in the world that have been seen and can not be explained by any conventional means.

Much happens in this reality that defies explanation.

Special Dogmatic Theology Part Eight

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Eight – The Ochelli Effect 9-10-2018 Jordan Maxwell