Special Dogmatic Theology Part Seven

Special Dogmatic Theology Part Seven

The Ochelli Effect 8-13-2018 Jordan Maxwell

This Monday we again spoke with Jordan Maxwell. Texts from the ancient world are encoded.

This time we focused on questions from listeners. Some were LIVE, and some were e-mailed in earlier in the week.

Questions about the Free Masons, Manly P Hall, Mind control, The Roman Empire, and the Third Reich were all part of both hours. Who actually funded Hitler? Are the symbols in the stars, or the stars in the symbols?

The Dog star, The Vatican, and The Order of The Silver Star are part of the inquiries. What is the significance of the year 325 AD? Except for hockey and other sports of combat, they all involve balls, why is that so?

An interesting story about a personal friend of Jordan’s and a gift left for him in that friend’s will. Why do all roads lead to Rome? Where are the Asians in the new world disorder?

PLUS: what is the symbol of the six-pointed star, and was there always an idiot in the Whitehouse? War is hell, but just for those who are not The Elite.


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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Seven

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 Special Dogmatic Theology Part Seven- The Ochelli Effect 8-13-2018 Jordan Maxwell

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Born in 1972 , With one of the Loudest or most Muted Voices in Political , and Social Circles. The Alternative's Alternative. Radio Host , Researcher , and A Walking Talking Anti-Myth.


  1. Patricia Braunschweiler August 14, 2018 at 10:56 am - Reply

    This is such an interesting subject for me. I was born into a Catholic Family, and went to Catholic Schools my whole life. I ALWAYS had questions, and was ALWAYS told the same thing…”Take it on Faith”. NEVER any answers. Although I know for sure I was not anywhere near Jordan’s level, I can totally relate to what he is saying. I have always believed that all Religions are about Rules and Regulations to control people. Needless to say, I am not Catholic anymore and, truthfully, I can say I never was one in my heart and soul. If there are people who question why Jordan is focusing on Catholics, they should be aware of the indoctrination they have gone through their entire lives. They should think about what the Communion is symbolizing. Eat the body and drink the blood of Jesus? (one of the rituals I could never understand as a child) Just because a person is born into a certain Religion, doesn’t mean they HAVE to stay there for their whole life. Question everything! (just my opinion) Thanks Chuck and Jordan Maxwell for this fantastic Special Series! Looking forward to many more…

  2. 48ronin August 14, 2018 at 4:42 pm - Reply

    Do either of you know about the 88 books of the etheopian bible

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