Special Dogmatic Theology Part Six

The Ochelli Effect 8-6-2018 Jordan Maxwell

Special Dogmatic Theology Part Six Jordan Maxwell 8-6-2018 Ochelli Effect

The exploration begins on a Monday, Jordan Maxwell continues the special series on religion. Decades of research Jordan has done fuel this unique audio.

Why do Jesus and Moses both have magic wands? What is the cornerstone of the Christian Church? Is this world beyond redemption?

The book of Revelations is widely studied and as broadly misunderstood. Who is the light bringer? What is Petra? What is P2?

Why do all roads lead to Rome? Indiana Jones and the Many Temples of Doom are metaphors. Assassins and terrorists are not what you think they are in history.

Is there a reset coming for the human family? Are courts biblical? Are Druids the original Catholics? Are there many holes in the Holy land?

Will demons come to earth? Are they already here? Are we in The End Times? How do they get your goat?

Do an internet image search for Jesus with a magic wand.

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Six

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