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The Ochelli Effect 11-02-2023 Mike Swanson

Information Breakdown Lancer New Support

The Ochelli Effect 11-02-2023 Mike Swanson

The Ochelli Effect 11-02-2023 Mike Swanson

Chuck and Mike Discuss the Strange New World of Content and Disconnected Disinformation streams that dominate all things.

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The War State: The Cold War Origins Of The Military-Industrial Complex And The Power Elite, 1945-1963

Why The Vietnam War?: Nuclear Bombs and Nation Building in Southeast Asia, 1945-1961 By Michael Swanson

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Alan Dale & John Newman
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Bill Simpich
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Carmine Savastano
Chuck Ochelli
David Boylan & Larry Hancock
Dick Russell
Doug Campbell
Greg Doudna
James Corbett
Robert Groden
Jefferson Morley
Larry Schnapf
Monica Perez-Jimenez
Mike Swanson
Rex Bradford
Rob Clark & Joe Borelli
Stuart Wexler

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