8-23-2014 David Harris Magistrar from The Church of Satan on The Ochelli Effect

After being called a Satanist by listeners Chuck decides to bring a representative from The recognized Church of Satan on the show to educate the listeners about what a real Satanist actually sounds like. Callers engage in the program as well , with mixed results.

An Ochelli Effect Christmas ? 12-25-2014 with Judas Crowley

03/23/2016 Wednesday – Heavy Metal Thunder and The Holographic Universe with Dr. Richard Alan Miller https://www.facebook.com/Dr.RichardAlanMillerRAM. Reality perceived and conceived while we wait for August.

03/30/2016 Wednesday – In a joint Ochelli Effect/Zen In The Car Radio, Chuck Ochelli (ochelli.com) and Daniel Louis Crumpton (zeninthecar.com) are joined by Santos Bonacci of universaltruthschool.com to discuss the recent fued with Max Igan in attempts to bury the hatchet of division. Santos discusses everything from flat earth theory to the process of kundalini. This one is a must listen.

03/31/2016 Thursday – Sinister History, KKK, Faith Healing, The Cult Mindset, and Mind Control in general, with Special guests John Collins & Steve Roe. Co-Host Carmine Savastano.

04/07/2016 Thursday – Sinister History, KKK, Faith Healing, The Cult Mindset Part 2 : Mind Control in general, PLUS Carival Clowns, Transvestite, Prostitute, Texas Politician connections with Special guests John Collins and Steve Roe. Co-Host Carmine Savastano.

04/25/2016 Monday – Brother Gregory Williams http://www.hisholychurch.org/ discusses The Spiritual journey, The Meaning of Charity, and a bit of the historical parallel between “The Roman Empire” and The American Empire of Today.

05/23/2016 Monday – Gillian Trebilcock and Sherri Wisdom attempt to “Unpack “GOD”. The Ego, Mysticism, and philosophical revolt ensue. Does anyone have the answer? In trying to define the meaning of God. Connecting the lines between religion and Faith, Understanding how it is that we as the human race have come to believe the things we do.. We seem to create more questions than answers. Chuck can’t control the show, so won’t it be fun to see what he is dragged into next?