Greatest Conspiracy Ever Sold

Greatest Conspiracy Ever Sold

The Ochelli Effect 8-1-2018 Donald Jeffries

Donald Jeffries Joins Chuck to discuss his book, Survival of The Richest. Many areas of discussion snap to the paradigm of economic inequality in America into stark focus.

Survival Of The Richest Part 2

– From the Amazon book description –

“… A fresh look at economic inequality in America

Survival of the Richest scrutinizes how the collective wealth of America has been channeled from the poor and middle class into the hands of a few elitists.

While Americans have been trained to direct their scorn at welfare recipients and the poor in general, a tiny handful of plutocratic elites have profited on an unfathomable scale through corporate welfare and other perks. Unimaginable salaries and bonuses for the One Percent, contrasted by layoffs and reduced pay for the majority of the workforce, along with increasing calls for austerity measures and lowered standards of living, has become the “new normal” in America.

Donald Jeffries argues that this record economic inequality is more than an unintended consequence of globalism. In Survival of the Richest, he shows how the consolidation of wealth may well prove to be the greatest conspiracy of all.
– END AMAZON Excerpt –

Greatest Conspiracy Ever Sold

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Greatest Conspiracy Ever Sold

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Greatest Conspiracy Ever Sold – The Ochelli Effect 8-1-2018 Donald Jeffries

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  1. Patricia Braunschweiler August 3, 2018 at 4:29 pm - Reply

    A little late commenting on your Interview with Donald Jeffries, but just wanted you to know how great it was. I ordered three copies of Survival Of The Richest. One that my husband and I read, and two to share. The conclusion from all of us is that this book is a MUST read! We all highly recommend it, and will continue to share it and tell people about it.

    • Ochelli August 3, 2018 at 4:47 pm - Reply

      I am sure Meria did it better. Any, always happy to see that you are pleased. Thanks for continuing to listen to this work in progress.

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