Special Dogmatic Theology Part Two

The Ochelli Effect 7-2-2018 Jordan Maxwell SPECIAL SERIES

This episode is The second part of a continuing series with Jordan Maxwell on Religion. As it stands today, Jordan has studied this for more than half a century.
The dogma of the western world continually screams It is Christian; its values are Christian. Is this true? Does anyone truly understand what they are saying when repeating these claims?
The foundation of Christianity is not what it seems. As with nearly everything else in this world, there is truth and deception encoded in every pillar of society. The war between light and darkness is older than the language used to tell the story. What is the story?
The Greatest Story Ever Told has truth encoded in it, but it is not the truth as represented. Historical Evidence is there to support the idea that the biblical story existed long before The Book. A Church is a Circus.
The word Christo is another word for oil. Who is anointed? One God, One Faith, One Spiritual Authority, is the basis for Vatican architecture. What god are the Catholics worshiping? You are not in the big club.
What is the Worth Ship? Theos. We explore A god versus The God. Knowledge is power. Is religion itself the circus that keeps the powerless entertained? Perhaps prayers are not heard because you have been trained to speak to the wrong deity.

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Two

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Two – The Ochelli Effect 7-2-2018 Jordan Maxwell SPECIAL SERIES