modern sun worship

The Ochelli Effect 6-20-2018 Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell has been a guest on The Ochelli Effect before. In yet another unscripted conversation with the unique education of multiple generations of so many that have sought to decode the world. In this show, we discuss Jeffrey Matte and some of the studies of colors we did last week.
How much is hidden in plain sight? Do you not have ears to hear the embedded messages in your language? Is the ghost of the Roman Empire haunting America? What uniforms might you be wearing? Has alternative information been hijacked? What is modern sun worship? What does Grove mean?
For half a century Jordan has shared his discoveries about this, and so much more. Religion, money, government, and other methods of manipulation are everywhere. Jordan is one of the first and absolute best speakers on the elaborate deceptions hidden in plain sight. is the only website that Jordan Maxwell is a part of. Many people are trying to use his name elsewhere, but that is Jordan’s home site. There is also a way to join the Jordan Maxwell Research Society at his home site to go more in-depth on the subjects we covered here and more.

modern sun worship

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modern sun worship – The Ochelli Effect 6-20-2018 Jordan Maxwell