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The Ochelli Effect 5-31-2018 Carmine Savastano

Not a video game for Nintendo and not a Lucas Film. There is more than one interesting bullet point to the story assembled here.
Carmine Savastano continues his work filling in connective tissue.
EXCERPT from https://tpaak.com :
David Tzitzichvili aka WIROGUE-1 was reportedly born in Gori, Georgia, a later Soviet Union holding on July 12, 1918. His parents fled with him and a substantial amount of money prior to the Bolshevik invasion of Georgia. While his family lived excessively for a time, eventually they fell upon poverty and this hardened Tzitzichvili’s desire for revenge against the Soviets. “He is a person who cannot tolerate being beaten in competition.” He was educated in Paris and studied at several institutions as his family repeatedly moved within France. Several cases of educational rebellion, insubordination, and expulsions from multiple schools are the first signs of his eternal problem with authority. I His family later fell apart following his father and sister’s return to Soviet-controlled Georgia and his mother’s resulting suicide from despair.
There is much more to the story. Carmine does a great job telling it while Chuck comments. Even if you think things like this are kinda dry as topics, we bet you’ll find this one fascinating.
The C.I.A., Congo, and Nazi Germany are just a few of the stops along the way.

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Research Article 2: Who was WIROGUE-1? part II, TPAAK Blog, tpaak.com

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Wi Rogue One


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