Special Dogmatic Theology Part Five

The Ochelli Effect 7-30-2018 Jordan Maxwell

On a Monday Ochelli Effect, Jordan Maxwell returns to continue this unique series.

This is the fifth show in a special series devoted to Religion.

What is an “Anti-Christ”? What is “Anti-Semitic”? Is the story of the Biblical flood based in historical events. What does “Catholic” Mean? Does Jordan Maxwell believe in God? Do all roads still lead to Rome today? Does anyone truly understand the words they are using? Are the words actually using us?

Jordan explains what he has gathered in more than 50 years researching the complex mass-deception that is religion.

Is the devil in the details? Is there truth in the words kept by scribes? Is Chuck an atheist? How are empires built?

Many questions are raised and razed in a two-hour discussion.

This is part five and will continue until Jordan feels the series is complete.

Any comments or questions from listeners will be answered as the series progresses.

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Five

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Five – The Ochelli Effect 7-30-2018 Jordan Maxwell