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The Ochelli Effect 9-27-2018 THE Greek

Pigs, dogs, and goats, Oh my. What is the quality of the company you keep?

A throwback to the Ochelli and The Greek sonic events. We bet you won’t know what hit you.

Is it Thors Day? Is anyone hearing anything? Food, Shelter, and clothing are important things to consider.

How do we agree to measure time? Is time a bitch?

find the greek online:

Find Some One

What is the trajectory of the walking upright creatures on the planet? Is the end really just the beginning?

Is there always a spiritual element to every ailment? What day is it? Are there gods in disguise as men?

Who is in charge of the crazy house? Patriots are not good people. How bad are the institutions on this planet?

Which god do you recognize? Is America the land of the goddess?  How did the Christ character die?

Why is sex a keystone to humanity?

Find Some One

For subscribers, there is a new AFTER EFFECT of about 45 minutes with the GREEK under the 2018 exclusives tab.

It is always an interesting conversation when the Greek shows up.

Find Some One

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Find Some One – The Ochelli Effect 9-27-2018 THE Greek