November JFK Conference 2018

The Ochelli Effect 10-5-2018 Debra Conway and Larry Hancock

This Friday we had a rare conversation with Debra Conway from JFK Lancer to discuss the upcoming November in Dallas conference.

This year will not only feature a great mix of JFK assassination presenters as it always has, RFK and MLK speakers will also be included.

Debra explains that this may be the last Lancer Conference and tells us some stories from past events and her personal contributions to other people’s research.

Larry Hancock called in to further describe what the 2018 conference will be, and it’s always great hearing from our friend.

There’s a lot more to this podcast, but you’ll have to listen to it to get that info.


Chuck’s video about the 2017 Conference:

2018 Lancer Schedule:
Bill Kelly
-CAPA and Document Releases
Dr. David Mantik & Michael Chesser
-interpretation JFK X-Rays and Wounds
John Orr with Larry Schnapf
-3D Trajectory modeling in Dealey Plaza
John Hunt
-RFK – Issues of Evidence
Krishna Shenoy
-The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza – Archives
Gary Murr
-A Small Arms Dealer and the Death of a President
Larry Hancock
-The Wheaton Names
John Hunt /Carmine Savastano /Larry Hancock
Carmine Savastano
-RFK – “Other Suspects”
Russ Baker
-Hiding the Proof / We Want the Records
Jim Jenkins / William Law
-“At the Cold Shoulder of History”
John Newman
-The Framing of RFK for Plotting a Mafia Murder of Castro
Stu Wexler
-MLK – the Conspiracy
Hubert Clark / William Law
-“Betrayal; A JFK Honor Guard Speaks”
Malcolm Blunt and Alan Dale
-“Tennent ‘Pete’ Bagley: A Remembrance”
John Newman
-The Kennedy’s, King, and the Race Issue
Aldo Mariotto
-The Texas Trip – Johnson’s Agenda
Kenneth Zediker
-The Evolution of Dealey Plaza
Ralph Ganis
-New Book / Otto Skorzeny and the assassination

November JFK Conference 2018

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November JFK Conference 2018