Special Dogmatic Theology Part Eleven

The Ochelli Effect 10-8-2018 Jordan Maxwell

God is plural in Genesis. We continue our unique discussion with Jordan Maxwell on Religion.

When you ask a child where god is, they often tell you, he is in heaven. Does that mean the heavens? Is that what the religion of science tells us is outer space?

What is a hominid? Where there man-like creatures here before Adam and Eve?

Are we not men and women? Is that only for Royalty? Is the alleged royalty on the planet actually human?

What role does Satanism play on the planet? Is AI the ultimate Satanic wet-dream?

When you hear speakers railing about Angels and Demons, Does any of them know of what they speak?

Is the wrath of God responsible for all the natural catastrophes we witness at this time?

Is the Human Family dying for lack of knowledge?

Jordan was in rare form during this show, and we hope you will continue your process of learning with this and the many shows we have done with him.

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Eleven

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Special Dogmatic Theology Part Eleven – The Ochelli Effect 10-8-2018 Jordan Maxwell