23 02, 2018

establishmentarianism JFK Research Community

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establishmentarianism JFK Research Community The Ochelli Effect 2-22-2018 with Author Jacob Carter A Thors Day without Carmine? We gotta give the man a week off sometimes ... Jake Carter excepts the monumental challenge of putting the splinter groups within the JFK Assassination research community into the various categories  that require attention if anything is [...]

21 02, 2018

Bush JFK Assassination Myth Plasma

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Bush JFK Assassination Myth Plasma The Ochelli Effect 2-16-2018 - Frank Gregory Ford and Dave Stewart On a Friday when Chuck's guest is late due to a misunderstanding about time Chuck decides to call Frank Gregory Ford , long time friend of the show and address the misinformation Dr. Ford was discussing on Barry [...]

2 02, 2018

Operation Mongoose Lands Dale Plots

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Operation Mongoose Lands Dale Plots The Ochelli Effect 10-3-2017 Mike Swanson and Carmine Savastano Mike Swanson Author if the War State and man behind Wall Street Window.com join Carmine and Chuck on a Thursday night to discuss one of the most complex operations ever arrayed against a small island nation. Mongoose has an interesting [...]

26 01, 2018

History Matters Rex Bradford JFK Assassination

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History Matters Rex Bradford JFK Assassination The Ochelli Effect 1-25-2018 with Rex Bradford of History Matters and The Mary Ferrell Foundation On most Thursdays we talk with Carmine Savastano about many aspects of "Sinister History". Most of the best document links included with those shows come from The Mary Ferrell Foundation Website. This evening [...]

19 01, 2018

JFK Assassination Myths 13

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JFK Assassination Myths 13 The Ochelli Effect 1-18-2018 Carmine Savastano , Rob Clark , Steve Roe Yeah ,  JFK Assassination Myths 13 is the latest effort to clear the wreckage of non-sense away from the real evidence related to the murder of the thirty-fifth  President of the United States on November 22 1963. After [...]

12 01, 2018

JFK Assassination 101 Pike Committee

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JFK Assassination 101 Pike Committee The Ochelli Effect 1-11-2018 Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock (From Wikipedia.org) Chaired by Democratic Representative Otis G. Pike of New York. The Select Committee had originally been established in February 1975 under the chairmanship of Congressman Lucien Nedzi of Michigan. Following Nedzi's resignation in June, the committee was reconstituted [...]

30 12, 2017

Alan Dale Beyond JFK Conversations

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Alan Dale Beyond JFK Conversations The Ochelli Effect 12-29-2017 Alan Dale Out of the ordinary is one way to describe this Fridays Ochelli Effect with Alan Dale. We reserve the JFK assassination topic for Thursdays generally , but this week a special discussion with Alan Dale was in order. We begin with a reversal [...]

29 12, 2017

JFK 101 Church Committee Reports

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JFK 101 Church Committee Reports The Ochelli Effect 12-28-2017 Larry Hancock and Carmine Savastano Continuing with The JFK Assassination 101 series ...  Larry Hancock and Carmine Savastano join Chuck to add to the data base of short programs designed to explain much of the evolving records and realities connected to the Assassination : JFK [...]

8 12, 2017

Dissecting fake JFK documents

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Dissecting fake JFK documents Pchelli Effect 12-07-2017 Carmine Savastano Another Thursday we are joined by author and researcher Carmine Savastano to explore document research with a twist. How can someone know they are looking at a fake document. there are a few in the JFK case that have fooled well-maening readers and authors several [...]

1 12, 2017

JFK 101 Rockefeller Commission CIA Activities within United States

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JFK 101 Rockefeller Commission CIA Activities within United States The Ochelli Effect-2017-11-30 with Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock. JFK Assassination 101 continues JFK 101 Series - JFK 101 Rockefeller Commission CIA Activities within United States  + On this Thursday Ochelli Effect Larry Hancock and Carmine Savastano return to continue the JFK 101 series , [...]