New Info Oswald Mexico Too

The Ochelli Effect 2-6-2020 Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock

New Info Oswald Mexico Too

In this podcast, Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock join Chuck to revisit the deep dive into evidence related to Lee Harvey Oswald and his alleged trip and actions in Mexico City.

Did the powers that be simply accept the reports of the KGB to fill in the narrative about the accused assassin of John F. Kennedy weeks before November 22, 1963?

Is anything certain about what was recorded regarding Oswald allegedly visiting Mexico City in 1963? When is too much spy craft?

Oswald in Mexico city may not be the keystone we have previously believed it to be, but it does tell a story about what is useful in intelligence circles from time to time.

The Last Time We Covered this:

Carmine’s References:
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New Info Oswald Mexico Too

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New Info Oswald Mexico Too – The Ochelli Effect 2-6-2020 Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock