Americana Tesla Trends Hustlers Baal

The Ochelli Effect 2-4-2020 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

Americana Tesla Trends Hustlers Baal

The author of The War State arrived on a Tuesday night to let us know a great deal about the raw deal and the illusion of a thriving economy. How in the hell is a company fronted by the comic book-like character named Elon Musk still going up in value? How’s the Gig Economy working out for you? Is it all just a matter of faith? The stock market is an interesting casino, but does it truly interest you?

At the tail end of the first hour, Mike and Chuck started discussing the debacle in Iowa, but you better stay tuned for the next episode in that reality show. Is American culture, in the final analysis, becoming nothing more than a series of badly scripted reality TV spin-offs?

JP Sottile, The Vandal of all that is news was witnessing the Status of the un-united while Trump delivered the alleged state of the broken union. The conversation was briefly interrupted to note that Rush Limbaugh was given a medal. Is Chuck the only one surprised Pelosi didn’t tear Trump’s head off when disrespected her in public instead of just tearing up his “manifesto of mistruths”?

As the second hour progressed there was no way to avoid the topic of the DNC sabotaging itself in Iowa and what that means. JP and Chuck disagreed a bit about what is occurring behind the scenes. Trump may have a landslide victory in November. Is he the leader his rubes deserve? Are we witnessing the end of the daydream that was once America?

A lot of what is and what will be has been explained ahead of time.

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Americana Tesla Trends Hustlers Baal

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Americana Tesla Trends Hustlers Baal – The Ochelli Effect 2-4-2020 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile