17 05, 2018

solo story meaning wars

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solo story meaning wars Ochelli Effect 5-16-2018 Chuck Solo (mostly) Chuck goes Solo on W Odin's Day to recap the recent distress of the address. Right-wing radio and the business model of mind control. Oil and the Massacre in Gaza because the Bible says so. The Opioid Scourge and the doctors who practice doing [...]

16 05, 2018

fire fury fuels fact check

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fire fury fuels fact check The Ochelli Effect 5-15-2018 Mike Swanson - Pearse Redmond This Tuesday night we decode the current mosaic of geopolitical scattershot that is the New World Landscape. The Iran deal is still part of the calculus as Israel continues to justify it's response to Palestine. Does Trump know what is [...]

15 05, 2018

Christian bible prophecy Israel

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Christian bible prophecy Israel The Ochelli Effect 5-14-2018 Daniel Louis Crumpton Joins Chuck on this Monday to analyze the basis for celebration observed earlier in the day when the American Embassy in the nation-state of Israel was formally relocated to Jerusalem. Bloodshed followed, and tensions increased. Why are Evangelical Christians supporting a political move [...]

12 05, 2018

Trump Friday breaking news

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Trump Friday breaking news The oCHELLI eFFECT 5-11-2018 Chuck Solo Since no one seems to read my descriptions anyway, I think I will go poetic on this one. Trump Friday breaking news, even though news never breaks. Just a constant flow of nonsense. Try to sort it all out. I Wish the fake news [...]

8 05, 2018

trumped iranian nuclear deal

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trumped iranian nuclear deal The Ochelli Effect 5-8-2018 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile The Iran nuclear deal breaker Trump seems to be the jumping off point for the first hour with Author Michael Swanson. Mike brings common sense to the seemingly constant hyperbolic geopolitical news. We quickly look at the economic effects via the [...]

3 05, 2018

war racket war racket

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war racket war racket The Ochelli Effect 5-2-2018 Chuck Solo War racket war racket, Wher for art thou, war racket. Apparently, in the American Empire, it lives and breathes within the military-industrial complex and vacations in the Narcotic black market. Chuck goes solo on a W Odin's Day and takes calls. Caller John drops [...]

1 05, 2018

military industrial complex today

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military industrial complex today The Ochelli Effect 4-30-2018 Chuck Solo On a Moon Day, Ochelli Effect Chuck does a solo show to honor the alleged day the Vietnam War ended 43 years ago. Have we learned a single thing since the previously most protracted military conflict in United States history? Eclipsed by Afghanistan  Vietnam opened [...]

27 04, 2018

racial bias test questions

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racial bias test questions The Ochelli Effect 4-26-2018 with Carmine Savastano Not quite a typical Thursday. Most times Carmine joins us to educate the listeners on historical horrors. In those efforts, we have covered many circumstances where race was a motive in many horrendous stories of pure brutality. Cruelty, Slavery, The denial of fundamental [...]

26 04, 2018

real killer clowns 2018

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real killer clowns 2018 The Ochelli Effect 4-25-2018 Chuck Solo real killer clowns 2018 News and The religion of science Chuck is again fighting a cough as he reads from some current articles. How's The Police State doing? Do fools that seek to manipulate the building blocks of life even know what fire they [...]

25 04, 2018

pardon my take please

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pardon my take please Monday 4-23-2018 Chuck Solo The white van attack in Canada. What will that be twisted into? Is basic income the fix that automation in the workforce requires? What does Ro Paul think about Syria? Christian broadcasters embrace Trump. Lots of bits and pieces of current events get covered on a [...]