Tech Capacity Wild Uncle

The Age of Transitions & Uncle The Broadcast as Proudly Presented by OCHELLI.COM

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 7-30-2023 Callers

Tech Capacity Wild Uncle

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 7-30-2023 Callers

Tech Capacity Wild Uncle

Tech Capacity Wild Uncle

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 7-30-2023 Callers

AOT #393

As technological capacity keeps building we are being reminded of the many new possible threats to national security. Where is this all leading and who is profiting?

Topics include: global tension, Cold War 2.0 term, American foreign policy, Eric Schmidt, Silicon Valley becoming the new MIC, DIU, profiting off of government contracts, Doug Beck DIU director formerly Apple executive, emerging technology, new arms race, defense budget, Ike MIC speech, Ellul, technique requires funded big laboratories, cyber version of 9/11, reactionary media a problem, possibility of homegrown open source tech, communication breakdown, idolatry, STEM vs the humanities, college attendance down, online interactions, research into life extension, aliens and UFOs, congressional hearing

UTP #304

A wild night of callers has got Uncle broadcasting harder than ever before.

Topics include: new drop glasses, picketing shot, Subway name change promotion, Uncle special menu, Rick Flair, submitting audio for Ochelli live radio stream, Ochelli map, worldwide listeners, podcasting as a business, Uncle tattoos, Tony Bennett and Sinead O’Connor, New York, Donald Trump not from Queens, Indiana Jones, Savis Davis






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Tech Capacity Wild Uncle

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