JFK Assassination 101 WC Files

The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-27 with Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock. JFK Assassination 101 WC Files

JFK 101 Series – JFK Assassination 101 WC Files

Before we get to The JFK Assassination WC Files.

Your hosts kick off with The gift that is going to keep on giving until some sanity is returned!
The Trump administration is creating an environment where no one feels safe.
The Mooch = Italian stereotype played
out on national TV. a 101 series on this may
be in our near future.

10 mins in and the main subject of the show begins. JFK 101.

JFK Assassination 101 WC Files

June 1964, Warren commission ( WC ) in full swing,
but the deadline keeps getting pushed back.
The official records files are loaded with
discrepancies at this point.

Does the Warren Commission meet the
standards of an ‘investigation’?
Problems with lawyer & author Mark Lane’s
to and about the WC but he did look for answers.

JFK Assassination 101 WC Files

The driver shot scenario, gets debuked,
it just won’t go away despite the evidence.

WC assassination details were leaked to the press.
Kennedy was weak on communism
according to his critics
before and after the assassination.
The political landscape of the cold war era?
The Castro plots and files on that ,
a 101 on state sponsored terrorism?

Approaching the end of June.

June 30th deadline became impossible,
and was extended until July 15th.
Speculation on the single bullet theory.
The cornerstone of the WC.
Bullet fragmentsand
circumstances of the JFK assassination
What happened to JFK’s brain?

The concept of reasonable doubt 101
The late entry of James tague to the WC as
the third wounded man the day JFK was assassinated.
Reasonable doubt is not considered in
the warren report, or files on the JFK assassination
no presumption of innocence.
No defence and no opposition to the ‘evidence’.
Maria Oswald changed her story and altered
her testimony according to CIA documents.
did the WC know this? Cover-up 101
There had never been a check for taps on
the Whitehouse phones between WW11
and 1964…..apparently. spycraft 101?
LBJ and the WC files and consideration of changes
based on the previous president , JFK , being assassinated.

JFK Assassination 101 WC Files


Larry Hancock

JFK Assassination 101 WC Files

Reference 1:
House Select Committee on Assassinations,
Segregated CIA Collection,
Microfilm Reel 45, Folder K- ((Crypt)) Oswald File,
Talk with Chief Justice Warren, June 24, 1964

Reference 2: House Select Committee on Assassinations,
Segregated CIA Collection, Staff Notes,
President’s Commission Chronology, pp. 85-90

Reference 3: Federal Bureau of Investigation liaison file,
Warren Commission Headquarters File,
Section 16, July 6, 1964

Reference 4: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Reel 45,
Folder K- ((Crypt)) Oswald File,
Discussion with Mr. Dulles Re the Nosenko Information
on Oswald, July 8, 1964

Reference 5: HSCA, Seg. CIA Coll., Staff Notes,
180-10142-10036, President’s Commission
Chronology, pp. 91-93

Reference 6: HSCA, Seg. CIA file, Microfilm Reel 31, Meetings of Presidents Committee, October 2, 1964, p. 3

Reference 7: HSCA, Seg. CIA file,
Meetings of the Pres Committee on Warren Report,
December, 1964

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JFK Assassination 101 WC Files

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