The Evolution will NOT be televised Larry Pinkney

The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-28 with Larry Pinkney

The Evolution will NOT be televised

When some of us hear or read the
Gil Scott-Heron Lyrics
“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”
Many images and emotions are evoked.
When Larry Pinkney graces the Ochelli Effect
with his hard earned wisdom and uniquely powerful
presence , Host Chuck Ochelli is reminded of
the epiphany of heron’s work and finds himself
needing to say , The evolution will not be televised
The Evolution will NOT be televised

Chuck describes his personal feeling of connection to
Larry and hopes to share what Larry Pinkney gifts
through his character and integrity to the listener.
The Evolution will NOT be televised

Do white people even exist?
The assumption that ancestry can fairly be described
as “African”.
The strategy of labels?
The Evolution will NOT be televised

We must start with honesty,
we can do great good, or great harm.
What can be avoided? The tragedy of ignorance.
Even our differences reveal our common reality.
The Evolution will NOT be televised

You will not be able to stay home alone.
The Evolution will NOT be televised

Why is ANYONE dying interacting with “POLICE”.
Do Black Lives matter?
Did the “NEW Black Panther Patty” merely hijack
a name and forget to steal the substance of the original?
What is a tragedy Vulture?
END that Foolishness , PLEASE.
The Evolution will NOT be televised

We must get off the modern ‘plantation’,
people are beginning to wake up to this.
Slowly but Steadily.
Democrats and Republicans both want you on
their branded plantations. Factions are designed
to fracture common humanity.
The Evolution will NOT be televised

Were the original Black Panthers Violent Racists?
Is this encouraged in the main stream mind set
to undermine the truth? Those who hate the Panthers
must also hate the numerous efforts to uplift
poor men, women , and Children as well?
That’s Right , To give communities a chance
The Incongruous Intersection.
KKK and Black Panthers are often mentioned
in the same breath. Please Read :
The Evolution will NOT be televised

Why would CO-INTEL-PRO target Larry Pinkney for
Neutralization ? Answer , his ability to unite others.
No one of us is as smart or strong seprately
as we are together.
Learn More about Larry’s U.N. Case here :
The Evolution will NOT be televised

Like it or not, we are brother and sisters.
Pain is pain , no matter who is feeling it.
Crying and knashing teeth about whose pain is
greater does no one any good. ONE LOVE.
Are we not all obligated to seek to lessen or end
the pain of our brothers and sisters regardless
of which pain , which brother , which sister.
The Evolution will NOT be televised

Historical inaccuracies and the seemingly unheard
story of Larry Pinkney’s struggle as a Political Prisoner
and the payment recieved for it , as well as a payment
from feeding a child more than 4 decades prior.
When joining the orinal Black Panthers , were you handed
a gun? , Or were you handed a book ? followed
by another , and another , and another…
and PE within the party was not physical Education,

The system is rigged, but you don’t have to be.
The Evolution will NOT be televised

It is the opinion and desire of Chuck Ochelli
and The Ochelli Effect
that Larry Pinkney should be revered
in any education involving not only Black History ,
but American History. Until that is correctly done
, Please learn more about Him.

“ALL Power to the PEOPLE”

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A big thank you to Larry Pinkney for appearing on The Ochelli Effect.