Malachi 4 Elijah Prophecy – Jim Jones

The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-26 Author John Collins.

The Ochelli Effect with Author John Collins.

Doomsday prophets and losses.

Areas that no one touches in the Jim Jones saga.
John Collins grew up in a religious cult.

Jim Jones – The Malachi 4 Elijah Prophecy[ link to ]Research into the KKK

John Alexander Dowie claimed
to be Elijah reincarnated, and a “messenger of God.”
KKK A religious organization?
John Alexander Dowie

Charles Fox Parham
1902, November 6. Owners and operators of the
Chemical Gold Company imprisoned, charged
with obtaining money under false pretenses.
Parham, an advisor in the company, could not be
found while he was overseas searching for the
Ark of the Covenant. It was learned during the
criminal investigation that the Chemical Gold scam
was funding Parham’s operations.

John Collins explains how The Malachi 4 Elijah Prophecy is a self
replicating construct used by Jim Jones and many
cult leaders in order to hijack legitimate christian flocks
and even each others cult followers .

Faith Healers , and Con Men.
Frank Sandford and his followers claim that
Olive Mills was raised to life after being dead.
One hundred
and fifty inmates of Sandford’s temple affirmed.

The The Malachi 4 Elijah Prophecy template in context
with the ever present danger of “Group Think”

Charles Fox Parham publishes “A Voice Crying in the Wilderness,”
which proclaimed the spiritual and racial superiority
of the white Anglo-Saxon race,

Reverend William Branham prophesied of
God’s blessing of Reverend Jim Jones ministry
during a joint Latter Rain healing campaign

The use of the The Malachi 4 Elijah Prophecy by many
cult leaders. Jim Jones into communism , others to racism.

Christian Spiritualists? many odd variations in the church.

The Malachy Prophecy. How Jim Jones used it?

How does all the strange stuff talked about in
the first hour relate to Jim Jones?

Pentecostal church street revival 1906

1946 the end of the war, many people were reaching out for spiritual/religious structure. KKK was a pyramid scheme,
$13 a head to sign up new members[fact check] Cult, Manifest Sons of God and it’s ties to Jonestown?

many more rabbit holes can be explored on the subject

Malachi 4 Elijah Prophecy – Jim Jones

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