8 07, 2021

World Citizen Government Sovereign

By |2021-07-08T16:49:22-04:00July 8th, 2021|documentary film, media analysis, media history, Podcasts, Politics, Spent Kent|0 Comments

World Citizen Government Sovereign The Ochelli Effect [...]

19 02, 2020

History X American Kleptocracy Continues

By |2020-02-19T11:33:46-05:00February 19th, 2020|American History, documentary film, JP Sottile, media analysis, Mike Swanson, news, Newsvandal, Podcasts, Politics, radio, true crime, trump|1 Comment

History X American Kleptocracy Continues The Ochelli Effect [...]

28 09, 2019

Jeepers Creepers 7he 6oy

By |2019-09-28T21:23:46-04:00September 28th, 2019|Aaron Franz, books, documentary film, media analysis, movies, Podcasts|0 Comments

Jeepers Creepers 7he 6oy The Age of Transitions as Proudly Presented by OCHELLI.COM The Age of Transitions 9-27-2019 JG Michael (Aaron's Notes) AOT 247 JG Michael, the host of the Parallax Views podcast, comes on the show to talk with Aaron about a wide range of topics on this two-hour edition of The Age of [...]

8 05, 2019

Unclear Skies post 911

By |2019-05-08T13:02:29-04:00May 8th, 2019|9-11, Conspiracy, documentary film, false paradigms, Follow The Money, jouranlism, Pearse Redmond, Podcasts, Politics, radio|0 Comments

Unclear Skies post 911 Porkins Policy Radio 5-7-2019 Jenna Orkin OCHELLI.COM Proudly Presents Prorkins Policy Radio LIVE (Notes From Pearse) This week writer and journalist Jenna Orkin joined me to discuss her book Ground Zero Wars: The fight to reveal the lies of the EPA in the wake of 9/11 and clean up Lower [...]

5 12, 2017

Rage Against Machines

By |2017-12-06T12:24:25-05:00December 5th, 2017|agenda 21, American History, documentary film, entertainment, Follow The Money, James Corbett, media history, Podcasts, Politics, Punisher|2 Comments

Rage Against Machines Punisher Archetypes Humanity Versus Technocracy The Ochelli Effect 12-04-2017 Regular Joe , Dylan Wade , and James Corbett First hour on a Monday we continue with a deeper look at the Marvel Punisher series which is building to the point where we will not only learn more about ourselves but perhaps [...]

18 10, 2017

Vietnam War Racket Raqqa Rolling Thunder

By |2017-10-18T03:52:04-04:00October 18th, 2017|American History, documentary film, media history, Mike Swanson, Pearse Redmond, Podcasts, Politics, trump, Vietnam, war on terror|0 Comments

Vietnam War Racket Raqqa Rolling Thunder The Ochelli Effect 10-17-2017 Michael Swanson and Pearse Redmond Hour 1 The Author of "The War State" Michael Swanson continues the series of critiques regard the Ken Burns Documentary on Vietnam. The domestic unrest of 1967 and the how and why of the rise of the anti-war movement [...]

11 10, 2017

Vietnam Lessons Unlearned Ever After

By |2017-10-11T14:35:37-04:00October 11th, 2017|American History, documentary film, Follow The Money, JP Sottile, Mike Swanson, news, Newsvandal, social Issues, Vietnam|0 Comments

Vietnam Lessons Unlearned Ever After Ochelli Effect 10-10-2017 with Mike Swanson and JP Sottile Hour 1 Mike Swanson , author of "The War State" continues to break down Ken Burns Vietnam Series with Chuck. Part 4 of the burns series brings itself to the third episode of The Ochelli Effect Break-Down. Mike continues to [...]

4 10, 2017

Burns Vietnam Selectively Sanitized

By |2017-10-04T10:25:16-04:00October 4th, 2017|American History, documentary film, Mike Swanson, Podcasts, Politics, Vietnam|0 Comments

Burns Vietnam Selectively Sanitized The Ochelli Effect 10-3-2017 Mike Swanson Breaking down the Burns Version of Vietnam Episode 3 Burns Vietnam Selectively Sanitized Any regular listener knows that The Vietnam War is one of the most referenced events on The Ochelli Effect. Chuck points to it as a key toxic time period in American [...]

1 08, 2017

The American Media & The 2nd Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy

By |2017-08-01T11:18:39-04:00August 1st, 2017|Conspiracy, documentary film, entertainment, historical Figures, JFK Assassination, john Barbour, Podcasts|1 Comment

The American Media & The 2nd Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-31 with John Barbour. The American Media & The 2nd Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-31 with John Barbour.   John Barbour creator of 'Real People', stand up comedian, actor, movie critic, film producer, multiple EMMY winner [...]

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