Ukraine Plus Other Wars Ongoing

The Jack Blood Show 360 4-14-2022 Ruslan Haiduk and Kevin Booth

Ukraine Plus Other Wars Ongoing

Ukraine Plus Other Wars Ongoing

The Jack Blood Show 360 4-14-2022 Ruslan Haiduk and Kevin Booth

How do Ukrainians feel about Russians?
from our young friend Ruslan Haiduk

The world asks Ukrainians to stop hating Russians. They say that Russians are victims of their government. They have been receiving too much propaganda and don’t know where the truth is.

However, Ukrainians ignore that and still hate Russians. What about me? Do I hate Russians? – I don’t know. Read the following statements and decide on your own.

Before the war, I had a lot of friends in Russia, close friends. They knew me very well. They knew that I had a wonderful life in Ukraine, I traveled, I studied, I worked, and I was happy. When the war started my friends were worried about me. They phoned and said: “Don’t worry we are going to save you. Putin will save Ukraine.” I responded: “We don’t need to be saved”. They said that I didn’t know the truth, I’d been lied to that I had a beautiful life.

When I tried to explain that Russia invaded us, they didn’t believe any of my words. When I said that missiles attacked buildings in my city and Russian tanks shot people, they said that it was fake information provided by the Ukrainian government. When I said that I could see everything with my eyes, they said that I just didn’t understand the situation. It was hard to hear those words from people I considered to be my friends. Expecting support I received humiliation. That’s a short story about how I lost all my Russian friends. That’s a story about how even my Russian relatives who visited Ukraine and saw it as a beautiful developing country didn’t believe my words.

Russians say it’s not their war. They are “little” people and can’t help it. In 2014 thousands of Ukrainians protested against the Ukrainian government and President Yanukovych. People with sticks and stones fought police with guns. One hundred people died, but we won and changed our government. It was Maidan 2014. Russia is the biggest country in the world with 144 million people, no one would defeat them if they united. But instead, more Russians gathered in Mc Donald’s on its last working day than in protests against the war. As I said before, freedom is a choice of people. Russians are slaves of their government and they don’t want to change it.

Moreover, they want other countries to live the same way. Everyone who says that Russians can’t receive the true information is wrong. Most of them know the truth. They are just too weak to admit that they are wrong. They feel that they are totally screwed but they can’t accept that it was their country that invaded Ukraine and killed thousands of innocent people. That’s why they prefer believing in lies which makes their country a hero. Imagine, 140 countries, hundreds of celebrities, politicians, and almost everyone in the world says that Russia is the occupant.

There are a billion proofs. Russians have the same access to the internet as each of us but they don’t want to believe it. It is their choice, not the effect of Russian propaganda. Through weeks of the war, Russians started understanding that the world considers them enemies. So Russians try to convince everyone that the war is not their fault and sanctions harm “innocent” people. Well, it’s not Putin who kills thousands of Ukrainians. It’s 200 000 Russian soldiers who are on Ukrainian land, who have families which let it happen.

Moreover, without support from Russians who shout out the power of their fascist sign ”Z”, Putin wouldn’t be able to commit that crime in Ukraine for a whole month. This war is the responsibility of every adult Russian who keeps saying: “It’s not my war”, “We are little people”, “I am beyond politics”, and “Let the leaders of countries decide”. At first, I also didn’t understand why sanctions have to harm Russians. But now it’s clear. Without sanctions, they won’t change their actions.

They have to see that their government commits a crime. Russians proved that the words of celebrities and world leaders are nothing to them. Destroying the Russian economy and showing people what their life will be if they don’t take action, will make people start thinking. And one more time: If Russians unite and fight their government, this war will end. Finally, the last thing I want to share with you. One of my Russian friends is a part of the Russian army. He is 18. He started military service in November 2021. Three months before the war had started. I try to keep in touch with him to know more about the situation.

He told me that on the 23rd of February the Russian government sent him on training to Crimea, but indeed they sent him to the war. They also gave them documents to sign which they didn’t even read. Before starting to defend Russian soldiers you should know that as soon as they entered Ukraine they knew exactly what they were doing. My friend said that they saw innocent people who begged them to leave their land, but still they just blindly obeyed orders. “Destroy that house, bomb a hospital, shoot a car”, they did anything. Good soldiers? No, just cowards.

They keep killing people because they are afraid of going to prison for ignoring orders. But my friend is different. I’ll tell you why. He had an opportunity to go home because he hadn’t finished his military service and it was illegal for him to be in the war. But he decided to stay because the Russian government paid him 300$ a month. That’s the price of life for Russian soldiers. I still keep in touch with my friend. However, he’s not my friend anymore. Today he phoned me and said that he was alright hiding in occupied villages. As soon as I know that he is heading to attack Ukrainian cities, I’ll ask about his location and inform the Ukrainian army. I know that our army will destroy those troops and it will be my fault.

You can call me a traitor but I know that I will save the lives of other innocent people and especially children whose deaths hit me the most. Do I hate Russians? – maybe I don’t. But I won’t be able to forgive them. I won’t forgive my Russian friends and relatives who didn’t believe my words. I won’t forgive Russians for every death of a Ukrainian child which happened because they supported their government or kept silent. I won’t forgive my friend who chose money instead of peace. I won’t forgive Russians for their words that it was their government, not them. I won’t forgive them for every sleepless night I spent worrying about my father and Ukrainian people who hid in shelters. I won’t forgive.


Sacred Cow Productions is a production company founded by filmmaker and author Kevin Booth and the late comedian Bill Hicks.

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Ukraine Plus Other Wars Ongoing

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