26 05, 2018

life versus death instinct

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life versus death instinct The Ochelli Effect 5-25-2018 Daniel Louis Crumpton On this Friday Night Ochelli Effect, we discuss some of the implications of spiritual, political, and cultural messaging embedded in the recent Marvel Comics Movie, Infinity War. Daniel Louis Crumpton author/content creator joins Chuck to break down many aspects that are surely ignored [...]

24 05, 2018

Progressive Liberal The Agenda

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Progressive Liberal The Agenda Daniel Richards returns to The Ochelli Effect 5-23-2018 Ten months after our first meeting with Independent Wrestlings best "heel" "The Progressive Liberal" drops in to define his political views and talk about how things have evolved in his career since last year. Plus tell us about one The  5-25-2018 Event [...]

10 05, 2018

tasting Irish distilled spirits

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tasting Irish distilled spirits Trans Resister Radio / Uncle The Broadcast LIVE 5-9-2018 Presented by OCHELLI.COM There is no other place to get 2 hours of radio that mixes Aaron Franz, Uncle, Pearse Redmond, Bum Wine Bob and a cameo by Chuck Ochelli. In hour one, Trans Resister Radio LIVE features accounts from Pearse [...]

25 04, 2018

novel effect worth reading

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novel effect worth reading Sirhan: Or, the Hallucinatory Vanguard The Ochelli Effect 4-24-2018 Joseph Flatley In a departure from the typical Tuesday on the Ochelli Effect Chuck interviews author Joseph Flatley. In a world where the paradigm of journalistic things has shifted Mr. Flatley has created a composite novel covering many angles without condescending [...]

25 04, 2018

pardon my take please

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pardon my take please Monday 4-23-2018 Chuck Solo The white van attack in Canada. What will that be twisted into? Is basic income the fix that automation in the workforce requires? What does Ro Paul think about Syria? Christian broadcasters embrace Trump. Lots of bits and pieces of current events get covered on a [...]

5 04, 2018

king dreams broken boulevard

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king dreams broken boulevard The Ochelli Effect 4-4-2018 Aaron Franz Chuck Solo First Hour Chuck scans the news and delivers som,e headlines and commentary. It is exactly fifty years since the day Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered by assassins in Memphis Tennesee. 1968 was a rather violent year in American history. Chuck [...]

3 04, 2018

planet caravan lyrics meaning

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planet caravan lyrics meaning The Ochelli Effect 4-2-2018 Chuck Solo Numbers alone cannot decide victory in any War. This particular Moon Day Chuck goes it alone and takes a few extra breaks. Starting to heal he covers many headlines that caught his eye in the past few days and reads from some of those [...]

24 03, 2018

antichrist superstar alternate version

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antichrist superstar alternate version The Ochelli Effect 3-23-2018 Unique Lee We shall be drunken Stars; The Revolution is Evolution. Religion HiJacked and The AntiChrist is Onboard. Unique Lee takes us through antichrist superstar alternate version in a flexible intellectual discussion. Urban German. Meanwhile, Why is Trump any less an antichrist than Obama? Star Trek [...]

21 03, 2018

trump duck dynasty

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trump duck dynasty The Ochelli Effect 3-20-2018 Aaron Franz and Pearse Redmond Aaron Franz, a cornerstone contributor to the Ochelli Effect, joins us for a rare Tuesday flanked by Porkins himself Pearse Redmond. Unique conversation is what we got. Trump scandals, The ever-shifting sands of the middle-east, and a march to madness in America [...]

9 03, 2018

deep web horror stories

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deep web horror stories The Ochelli Effect 3-7-2018 Aaron Franz In context the sexual revolution of decades ago did not allow people to begin to understand the wild world of sports that is in play today. Aaron is a bit under the weather but has a unique talk with Chuck about this very thing. [...]