9 02, 2019

Presented Never Invented

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Presented Never Invented The Ochelli Effect 2-8-2019 Regular Joe "If you can't present it, invent it". Regular Joe boils down the methods of destruction Cult 45 have adopted against the truth. The design of alternative reality brought to you by the makers of alternative facts. All give some, and some give all. Regular Joe [...]

9 02, 2019

Audience Participation Uncle Critiques

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Audience Participation Uncle Critiques Trans Resister Radio & Uncle The Broadcast Presented by OCHELLI.COM (Aaron's Notes) TRR 217 Aaron calls on his audience to help him procure guests for the show. He also muses on the idea of doing an Age of Transitions 2 video. topics include: guest interviews, social media, emails, Kai-Fu Lee, [...]

8 02, 2019

Quid pro status quo

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Quid pro status quoThe Ochelli Effect 2-7-2019 Chuck SoloPresident Orange Asshat Mint Black History Month Rolls on. Does anyone remember laughter? Did the Washington Post predict the future or was it behind the times 10 years ago? How many marks can an Orange conman con if an orange conman could keep his people straight? Getting [...]

26 01, 2019

Artificial Superbowl Intel

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Artificial Superbowl Intel Trans Resister Radio & Uncle The Broadcast Presented by OCHELLI.COM Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 1-25-2019 (Aaron's Notes) TRR 215 Aaron shares some thoughts on the history and current state of artificial intelligence development. China and the US are the current global leaders in the field. Is there a new [...]

25 01, 2019

Comedy Theory Taste Test

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Comedy Theory Taste Test  The Ochelli Effect 1-24-2019 Spike Robinson The show that didn't get done on Wednesday happened Thor's Day instead. Your host reminds you that when you tell him something was funny on the show that looks are not everything. Spike Robinson joined Chuck and brought jokes. Plus the offensive nature of [...]

17 01, 2019

PC Principle Muck Linkage

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PC Principle Muck Linkage The Ochelli Effect 1-16-2019 Spike Robinson We are trying to see what happens when a true wild card gets shuffled into The Ochelli Effect deck. Spike Robinson is a unique figure who will co-host Wednesdays in 2019 and it's a good solid bet that she will provide a unique sonic element [...]

3 01, 2019

Gender Specific High Control

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Gender Specific High Control The Ochelli Effect 1-2-2019 Spike Robinson The first show of 2019 features a lively discussion with the one and only Spike Robinson from The Open Minds Foundation. It all makes sense when you consider this was happening when China was preparing to make a moon landing. https://www.cnet.com/news/chinas-change-4-becomes-first-spacecraft-to-land-on-the-far-side-of-the-moon/ Chuck attempted to keep [...]

3 01, 2019

Goodbye 2018 Ochelli Effect

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Goodbye 2018 Ochelli Effect The Ochelli Effect 12-31-2018 Year End Wrap Up Jordan Maxwell will return to Monday's in 2019. Spike Robinson, Regular Joe, and Jeffrey Matte join Chuck to usher out the exhausting year we called 2018. Chuck won his battle with Apple and Youtube. Google is still a lost cause. Please spread the [...]

23 12, 2018

Ready Player One Revolution

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Ready Player One Revolution Trans Resister Radio & Uncle The Broadcast Presented by OCHELLI.COM (Aaron's Notes) TRR 213 Aaron reminds the listening audience to join Uncle’s New Year’s Revolution live on New Year’s Eve this year. He and Uncle will be having fun and taking calls. After the call to revolution was complete the [...]

19 12, 2018

Dollar General Land

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Dollar General Land The Ochelli Effect 12-18-2018 Mike Swanson and Pearse Redmond Mike Swanson, The Author of The War State and the man behind Wallstreetwindow.com, began Tuesday's discussion. Chuck and Mike talked about oil and the shifting financial sands in the American landscape. The discussion turned to the declining quality of what is served [...]