Golgothan Guastini Special Effects

Get M.A.D. with Chris Graves 8-28-2022 Vincent Guastini

Golgothan Guastini Special Effects

Get M.A.D. with Chris Graves 8-28-2022 Vincent Guastini

This podcast is uncut and slightly longer than the standard one-hour show we usually get from Chris.

Notes By Chris Graves:

I’d like to welcome motion picture/television makeup & special effects master, Vincent J. Guastini!

I once had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Guastini in 2007, for filmmaker Kevin Smith’s official news website, Newsaskew, now defunct, unfortunately.

Vincent started his own special make-up effects company at the age of 22, originally in New Jersey and New York for 15 years, and then later in Hollywood for 19 years. Specializing in prosthetics, creature effects, design, and animatronics.

His big breakthrough film came in 1991 when asked to take over the prosthetic effects for Michael Mann’s 60-million dollar film “The Last of the Mohicans” for 20th Century Fox. After this film, Vincent went on to supervise and design creature effects for various studio and independent films. In 2001 Vincent moved his company to the West Coast and is now one of the top effects & design studios in Hollywood where Vincent lives and is based for the past 20 years.

Vincent’s practical effects work is mostly known for his 30-plus years in the business of creating the groundbreaking animatronic wings and creature effects in Kevin Smith’s film “Dogma” and for Darren Aronofsky’s film, “Requiem for a Dream”, he designed sculpted and applied prosthetics changing Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Burstyn into a thinning decaying woman. The prosthetic transformation made Vincent an Oscar hopeful that year and is looked at as one of the most convincing transformations in prosthetic makeup history for subtlety and realism. He later worked with Aronofsky again on the film “Aftermath” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger where Vincent’s team created silicone bodies for a graphic plane crash.

Guastini’s other groundbreaking effects include the first use of silicone technology with fire victim effects for Clint Eastwood’s “Letters of Iwo Jima” and “Flags of Our Father”. Other films include the Bryan Singer-produced horror film hit “The Taking of Deborah Logan”. With the help of prosthetic silicone appliances and puppets, Vincent and his team transformed actress Jill Larson into a crazed demonic possessed creature.

Film History & Background:

V.G.P. Film & TV Projects: Vincent’s film and T.V. credits include either as an effects technician, or supervisor and designer are, Dogma, Requiem for a Dream, The Last Of The Mohicans, Letters Of Iwo Jima, Flags of Our Father, Stephen King’s Langoliers, Stephen Kings Thinner, Stephen Kings Mr. Mercedes, World War Z, Scary Movie 4, Super Mario Bros The Movie, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, Child’s Play 3, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Virus, Man On The Moon, The Taking of Deborah Logan, V/H/S/ Viral, Cabin Fever Patient Zero, Sushi Girl, The Devil’s Carnival 1& 2, Till Death, Silent Night, Night of The Tommyknockers, NIX”, Saturday Night Live, Third Watch, Dr. Phil Show, The Howard Stern Show, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Law and Order, Conan O’Brien, Animal Planet’s Lost Tapes, Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening, and the Get Shorty T.V. Series. Vincent was also nominated for his prosthetic work for TV’s “Saturday Night Live” and was Will Ferrell’s straight & prosthetic makeup artist for 4 years.

Development & Design: I Frankenstein, Watchmen, Hannibal, Battlestar Galactica, (Bryan Singer Version) Creature of the Black Lagoon, Preacher, Green Hornet, Doom the Movie, I Am Legend, The Thing prequel.

V.G.P. Design Team & Makeup Effects Crew Credits include Original Hellboy, remake, Predator 2019, Tron Legacy, Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, and Edward Scissor Hands.

Vincent’s many clients & companies include Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann, Darren Aronofsky, Kevin Smith, Clint Eastwood, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Milos Forman, James Gunn, David Zucker, Bryan Singer, Joe Dante, Tom Holland, Darren Lynn Bousman, Mary Lambert, Fred Caruso, Roland Emmerich, Christopher Walken, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Hamill, Bob Hoskins, Daniel Day-Lewis, Crispin Glover, Snoop Dogg, Marilyn Manson, Five Finger Death Punch, Black Eyed Peas, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Screen Gems, The Weinstein Company, Lions Gate, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Spelling Entertainment, Millennium Films, Nu Image, Centropolis Xbox Live, SCI FI Network Etc. Netflix, & Disney, to name a few.

Producer & Director Info: Vincent recently garnered producing and directing credits on feature films as co-producer and executive producer. One is The 5 Million Dollar remake of “Silent Night Deadly Night” renamed “Silent Night” starring Malcolm McDowell and Sin City’s Jamie King. Others include “The Employer” Hidden in the Woods” and the 2 million dollar feature film “Rock Paper Dead” Starring Michael Madsen & Oscar winner Tatum O’Neal released by Lions Gate. Vincent has also made his directing debut in two upcoming horror science fiction anthology films, “The Hellevator Man” due for release in 2021, and “The Dark Tapes” which was the number one awarded horror movie of 2016 winning over 60 film awards and 88 approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Vincent is in development on his next directing project “The Astronaut” with the financier of the Matrix and Fight Club.

Golgothan Guastini Special Effects

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The Dark Tapes


Night of the Tommyknockers

Newsaskew Tuesday, June 26th, 2007
Chris Graves Interview: Vincent Guastini – FX Guru!

More fantastic EXCLUSIVE interview work from Chris Graves — This time, Chris presents his TENTH interview with us at News Askew, with special FX genius Vincent Guastini.
We’ve had the pleasure of hanging with the man on a few sets, and sharing his love and passion for the cool practical effects that he creates.
Vincent’s not only a way cool, down-to-earth guy, but he also has been effectively keeping the beauty of real, actual creatures and effects in film, making new strides and creating never-before-seen visuals that just wouldn’t look the same in CGI. We applaud him for that.
You may recognize some of Guastini’s effects in the View Askew flicks Vulgar, Dogma, and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.
He also MIGHT be on board for “Red State” (lips tightened but fingers crossed) and even designed some test stuff for the Green Hornet flick that never was. And we now shine the spotlight on:

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Golgothan Guastini Special Effects

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