Journalist Vedmore World Citizenship

The Ochelli Effect 4-13-2022 Johnny Vedmore – Arthur Kanegis – David Gallup

Journalist Vedmore World Citizenship

Journalist Vedmore World Citizenship

The Ochelli Effect 4-13-2022 Johnny Vedmore – Arthur Kanegis – David Gallup

Investigative Journalist Johnny Vedmore got the Wednesday Night Ochelli Effect Rockin’.

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Dr. Klaus Schwab or: How the CFR Taught Me to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Johnny Vedmore: Is WEF a CIA-backed Creation with the Goal of World Government?

Schwab Family Values

A peaceful and less toxic world with everyone as a citizen? Arthur Kanegis and David Gallup talked about a better world with rights and freedoms that are hard to imagine.

ARTHUR KANEGIS is President of Future WAVE, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to shifting our culture of violence to a culture of peace. He is the Director/Producer of “The World Is My Country” about the amazing adventures of World Citizen # 1 Garry Davis.

DAVID GALLUP is a human rights attorney, President of the World Service Authority, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Citizens for Global Solutions Education Fund.

World Citizen Government
Founded in 1953, the World Citizen Government (WCG) is the political embodiment of world citizenship linked to world law. The WCG promotes respect for universal rights. The WCG affirms everyone’s right to identify as world citizens and issues documents of global identification and travel.

“The World is My Country”
The true story of the daring, controversial, decades-ahead-of-his-time
World Citizen #1 Garry Davis

A song and dance man desperate to stop a war pulls off an act of political theater so gutsy and eye-opening that it sparks a huge movement — drawing Albert Einstein, Albert Camus, and a cast of thousands into a story Martin Sheen calls “a roadmap to a better future.”

The World Is My Country Club
Podcasts – Meetings – Movies
All on the theme of how together we can build what Garry called the People Powered Planet.

NATURE BOY – The Wednesday Night Wildcard Producer and Power Bomb Voice-Over Man


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Journalist Vedmore World Citizenship

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