The Many Phases of Doctor RAM

The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-14 with Dr. Richard Alan Miller , Many Phases Doctor RAM

How Many Phases Doctor RAM ?

Consultant for the original X Files TV Series in its earliest phases of production.


Doctor RAM discusses:

Slowing down time through breathing techniques.

Studied Martial ARTS with Bruce Lee in Seattle.

Trump Clinton , and all the other criminals that DO NOT inspire American pride.

Amazon is bootlegging his work.

Physical IQ in many phases.

H3 O2

Water has memory

New Audio from Dr. Richard Alan Miller called

“it’s an embarrassed to be an American,” with the Clinton and Trump saga.

Road rage and out of control drivers.

We have a responsibility , the thoughts we entertain become reality.

Fault lines? Nuclear Plants? How Doctor RAM sees them’
Through The Agenda 21 Looking Glass

Our thought permeates into structural matter.

The concept of us being uniquely different phase by phase.

Might there be a DOCTOR RAM comic book coming soon?

Chuck complains about the ‘about’ section on the website for Doctor Miller.

Chemtrails Doctor Ram is unsure what purpose they truly serve


The ‘New Physics’? According to Doctor RAM

The birth of Christianity.

Ethics and morals?

Anarchist Cookbook.

Ritual and magical herbals.

Imagination is reality in many diverse phases.

C.E.R.N. rapid transport system?

Hierarchy of gods/deities?

Strangers in Strange Land?

The truth of what a poltergeist is.

Magic and it’s evolution into science.

Doctor RAM and the many phases of learning through his audio.

Sex Magic?

More altered States , and even some Heavy Metal Thunder from a previous Ochelli Effect

and Much more , with Dr. Richard Alan Miller


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A big thank you to Dr. Richard Alan Miller  for appearing on The Ochelli Effect.

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