Keys to Survival Alan Kay

The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-21 with Alan Kay keys to Survival

Hour one.

Alan Kay returns to teach us keys to survival.

Revealing some of the strengths that
were keys to victory in SEASON 1 of the
History Channel Show “Alone”.

56 days of survival was the mark Alan Kay
hit on the show but it was because of long
term learning process that provided the keys.

Weeds, people are destroying them,
but you could easily be destroying food, medicine
and the environment.

Many edible foods are also medicinal.

Alan describes how knowing your area , and what
grows there , along with being familiar with taste,
smell, and look of wild growth may be a key to survival
right along with , water , shelter , fire.

Practical application , Plantain paste.

Most common injuries , burns , cuts , irritation to skin.

Weeds are your friends.

Plantain is the go to for many common first aid needs.

Wild Hydrangea, locally known as seven bark, Brown Recluse spider bites.

Steroids antibiotics are used by doctors.

Alan does not recommend using books, to learn about plants.

Use local plants where possible

Botany is the key to everything according to Alan Kay.

Pine tree’s pine needles,

“Everything that is alive today, is tomorrows food”.

Chagga Tea and the health benefits

Cotton socks ,sacrilege Alan always wear wool.

Plans always change , resources must be managed
and the ability to adapt is key.

Hour two.

Survival is from the neck up

The knife is preferable to a gun for survival use due to it’s versatility, “your knife is your life”.

Cordage and useful plants for crafting it.

The basics of a ‘bug out bag/go bag’ explained.

Redundancy measures are discussed

What are you capable of using and what are you capable of carrying?

Preparing for the winter.

Water is not an option

Extra considerations if you have young children

Always take a local trip to test your kit and tweak things.

Alan Kay breaks down many keys to survival
in this discussion in basic and direct terms.

Can we thrive? Can we survive?

Situational Awareness , and Survival are the obvious lessons from Alan Kay.

The wisdom of returning to our natural selves seems, the degree he has earned.

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