Situational Awareness Survival with Alan Kay

Alan Kay – The Winner of Season 1 T.V. Show : ALONE

Monday – 7/10/2017 – Alan Kay – Situational Awareness Survival.

Survival for 56 days alone in a Canadian wilderness may be how many became aware of Alan Kay , but it is far from the whole story.


A short description of how Alan survival techniques  were employed and how he had to add being a camera man to his skill set does get a small part of the discussion going.

Survival through situational awareness is much more than a tactic in self-defence. It is also the key to survival in a community.

is taught my Alan Kay who sees the world through a the eyes of a man understanding that the situation we find ourselves in today in greatly due to a lack of
respect for , and balance within the environment itself.

We are in this together , and the very foundation upon which we stand can be strengthened by supporting each other with our strongest asserts being who we,
and our neighbours. Yes the old “Army of One” ideal is not so ideal. Individual strengths are turned in much more powerful forces of greater good when individuals work toward lending their strengths to the greater good.

Sounds simple? Then Why is it not the standard condition observed everywhere? Why are elders not the teachers they once were? Why are there strangers all around you? Can we thrive? Can we survive?

Situational Awareness , and Survival are merely the  obvious lessons Alan Kay is educating people about.
The wisdom of returning to our natural selves seems to be the degree he has earned.

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