Monday 7/3/2017 Wrestler Daniel Richards, “Progressive Liberal”

Wrestler Daniel Richards Talking about the Wrestling business, and his character “The Progressive Liberal”.

That may be only an exaggerated version of his own persona. Then Again Maybe Not.

How The Red State “Rednecks” react to Daniel Richards in and out of the wrestling ring.

A bit of history on the game. How tough it is to do for a living , and Is there any fear in the man behind the public performance Known as “The Progressive Liberal”

Appalachian Wrestling may today be where wrestler Dan Richards can be found, but who knows how far this will go with recent and upcoming media attention.

Chuck sprinkles in his own personal recollections of being a young Wrestling Fan , and finds out that one of his favorites had been an early opponent of Daniel Richards. The Man once called “Axe” of the Tag Team Champions “Demolition”

The Anti-Trump Wrestler Dan Richards describes for chuck a few things you may not hear elsewhere. So with a 2 hour Time limit scheduled for 1 fall , and NO Trump wall!

Wrestler Dan Richards speaks candidly and Chuck wrestles with it all , in the squared circle otherwise known as the Ochelli Effect.

Oh Yeah We also have to discuss The Trumpster and his political Great American Bash grappling Partner Hitlery Clinton.

Politics and Wrestling? Sometimes You can’t Really Tell the difference, Or Can You?

Unique , Revealing , and actually caused some live listeners to relate that though Daniel Richards politically slanted views were clearly left leaning , They respected his art , and found him quite easy to like.

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A big thank you to Wrestler Daniel Richards for appearing on The Ochelli Effect.