6 02, 2018

Liberal Versus Conservative Views Test

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Liberal Versus Conservative Views Test The Ochelli Effect 2-5-2018 Joseph Green Pick a side , Pick a side ! It seems to be the actual American pastime. Are identity politics empowering or divisive ? Tonight we discuss the liberal side of quantitative psychology with return guest Joseph Green. Joe is an author and philosopher [...]

7 07, 2017

The Exclusionary Inclusion Effect? With Carmine Savastano

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The Exclusionary Inclusion Effect? The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-06 with Carmine Savastano. The Ochelli Effect presents "The Rise of Exclusionary Inclusion" part III. Exclusionary Inclusion: Tonight join Chuck Ochelli and author Carmine Savastano for an uncensored conversation about offensive words, SJW's, free Speech, Intent, and how today's censors are spurred by the same mentality as those [...]

4 07, 2017

Wrestler Daniel Richards, Progressive Liberal

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Monday 7/3/2017 Wrestler Daniel Richards, "Progressive Liberal" Wrestler Daniel Richards Talking about the Wrestling business, and his character "The Progressive Liberal". That may be only an exaggerated version of his own persona. Then Again Maybe Not. How The Red State "Rednecks" react to Daniel Richards in and out of the wrestling ring. A bit [...]