Kennedy Execution Baker Demolition Part One

The Ochelli Effect 5-3-2019 Walt Brown

When Mike Swanson told me he thought Walt Brown’s book “The Kennedy Execution” was at the top of his personal list for suggesting reading material for the JFK Assassination curious reader, I was skeptical. Walt Brown had already published the most lengthy and informed work on the overall case by producing his 30,000+ pages of Chronology on The JFK case. I thought, what more could he have to say? I was wrong.

Walt Brown joined us for the first of two shows that will begin to explore what else there is to be said. The Kennedy Execution: Six Seconds That Saved The Military Industrial Complex’s “Cold War” is a unique and highly informative volume. On the subject of the  Assassination, it provides a greater context about the people responsible for the public execution of the 35th President. Walt indeed had a bit more to say on the JFK Assassination after all.

A rather textured discussion on the evolution of the Military Industrial Complex and the concept of American Military tradition take up the first hour.

The second hour is a shallow dive into the deeply explored regions of who and why as told in The Kennedy Execution. However, The hour is punctuated with talk about a brand new book from Walt. Judyth Vary Baker In Her Own Words crushes the fiction perpetrated on the research community and the public at large by the Queen of JFK Assassination Myth Makers with 300 pages of knowable facts contrasted against, you guessed it, her own words.

Kennedy Execution Baker Demolition Part One

Judyth Vary Baker In Her Own Words can be acquired by:

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Walt Brown
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Outside the USA E-mail Walt:

“If you think Judy has anything of value to offer, you should really get this book and learn how bad of an assumption that is” – “This book shows the reader why Me and Lee needs to be in the fan-fiction section”

– Chuck Ochelli –

Kennedy Execution Baker Demolition Part One

We also highly recommend “The Kennedy Execution” which can be acquired through the author along with many of his previous works

We are looking forward to next Friday when we continue talking with Walt about these two books and much more.

The Master Chronology:

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Kennedy Execution Baker Demolition Part One – The Ochelli Effect 5-3-2019 Walt Brown