Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty Four

The Ochelli Effect 5-6-2019 Jordan Maxwell

This is the end, my friends. After 24 (Official) Episodes of Special Dogmatic Theology Jordan and Chuck decide to end the series. Next Monday Jordan will begin a new series on The Ochelli Effect more focused on Astrological aspects of Religion as it relates to the New Testament. Get ready for Astro Theology with a planned beginning 5-13-2019.

In this discussion listener questions and an opening set of thoughts from Chuck about how modern-day charlatans use the legitimacy of religion to push their hidden agendas, while others are simply “useful idiots”. Jordan talks about the symbolism of those at the left and right of Christ in the portrait of “The Last Supper” and the story of the “crucifixion”.

Other listeners inquire about the city of London. Jodan gives a new book recommendation on an older text. The truth of scripture is not in its historical accuracy but in the code. When is the age of Pisces over, and does the latest struggle for primary resources have other meanings? Who is the Lord of This World? Is any place on the planet special? Can you learn to read the code that is all around you?

We thank you for having listened to this series and hope you will join us for the next one.

Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty Four

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Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty Four

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Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty Four – The Ochelli Effect 5-6-2019 Jordan Maxwell