Newsvandal Trumping Fatigue G Willikers

The Ochelli Effect 5-22-2019 JP Sottile and G Willikers

The Newsvandal came on the show for a special W Odin’s Day Discussion. Chuck and JP covered the Cyrus The Virus coin, The Cookie man, and other illustrations of what’s wrong with America in the Reality show of 2019 Washington DC under the Trump Regime. Pathological Liar Trump is fully exhausting.

The shifting shock of people dumber than rocks also got rocked by the best analyst of media in the Ochelli Effect universe. Jp covered the exhausting media scrum and offered explanations unique to the Sottile lense of fair-minded but slightly West Coast-driven realism for high-functioning listeners. We also got a bit of a history lesson on the passing of the torch from local connected news to the disconnected electronic hale storm we keep trying to shelter ourselves from today.

The Self-replicating and re-enforcing echo chambers remain the most treacherous pit traps for all despite being self-inflicted. The odd end of hour one is punctuated with a minute of JP speaking a little more like Jordan Maxwell than any listener might expect.

JP Sottile

Twitter Vandal:

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Newsvandal Trumping Fatigue G Willikers

In the second hour, Chuck told another story from his life. This is part of the continuing effort to make his writing style better and see if his style of storytelling is worth publishing.

This story comes from 1993 and has a different tone.

Newsvandal Trumping Fatigue G Willikers

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Newsvandal Trumping Fatigue G Willikers – The Ochelli Effect 5-22-2019 JP Sottile and G Willikers