5 11, 2019

Other Future Movie Art

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10 05, 2019

Jeffrey Matte 102

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Jeffrey Matte 102 Jeffrey Matte 5-7-2019 Ochelli.Com Presents: JEFFREY MATTE live Jeffrey's notes: Today I'm discussing the concept that the USA = The REPUBLIC was lost at the bare minimum 1871. The US is now a Corporate Democracy, not a Republic. The US flag today is correctly displayed vertically as indicated on the side [...]

23 03, 2019

Rainbow Code Matte Finish

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Rainbow Code Matte FinishThe Ochelli Effect 3-22-2019 Jeffrey Matte (Show Notes by Jeffrey Matte)The Color code description saga continues. We are looking at the reasons why I brought each color down to one word so the listener can move forward with stability and all the hard work out of the way. You won`t be able [...]

26 02, 2019

Matte Color Chart One

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Matte Color Chart One The Ochelli Effect 2-25-2019 Jeffrey Matte When we first spoke with Jeffrey Matte on The Effect, He introduced us to the idea that there was a color-coded language in place on a global level being spoken to the servants by the elite masters who seem to think they run the [...]

2 02, 2019

Beyond Prison Without Walls

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Beyond Prison Without Walls The Ochelli Effect 2-1-2019 Jeffrey MatteWe had another great conversation with Jeffrey Matte on The Friday show.Prison and the culture of it go far beyond the profit-making ventures most often cited. Just like slavery, a mindset and more sophisticated mechanisms have been implemented to continue the practice in a more efficient [...]

1 12, 2018

French Fried Igloo Conspiracy

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French Fried Igloo Conspiracy Trans Resister Radio & Uncle The Broadcast Presented by OCHELLI.COM Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 11-30-2018 Jeffrey Matte Aaron's Show Notes: TRR 210 Jeffrey Matte comes on Trans Resister Radio for the first time. He and Aaron take the opportunity to talk a bit about the process once referred to [...]

16 11, 2018

Cannot kill the battery

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Cannot kill the battery The Ochelli Effect 11-15-2018 Jeffrey Matte Synthetic life was the topic on Thors Day. Jeffrey Matte returns to discuss how emerging technology is just the beginning of what is to come from the grand agenda the owners of Earth are pushing. Black Mirror and some products to comfort those who [...]

15 09, 2018

Universal Life Artificial Intelligence

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Universal Life Artificial Intelligence The Ochelli Effect 9-14-2018 Jeffrey Matte Jeffrey Matte joins Chuck on a Friar's Day Ochelli Effect. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? We hope to continue this discussion with Jeffrey in the near future. Can a brave new world emerge in the shadow of AI? [...]