Corporation Nation Cultural Cultivation

The Ochelli Effect 2-1-2022 Jeffrey Matte and Pearse Redmond

Corporation Nation Cultural Cultivation

We played a clip and got right in to a discussion about what we heard.


You do not have a Nation but instead a Corporation…. established in 1787? BTW, I never learned about this in my American History classes in High School. Here is the direct link proving the US is a Corp.

What about The Communist Party in America = CPUSA? We identified them as a threat in 1954 but essentially dropped the ball? Why? Here is the link to the source material I used during our show.
Cornell Law 50 U.S. Code § 841 –

Corporation Nation Cultural Cultivation

Source Link:

What about this Dawn of a New Day? Why is the Federal Reserve involved in this too?

Corporation Nation Cultural Cultivation

How did Jordan Maxwell figure this all out? How was he able to break the code for the human family and help us wake up?

Corporation Nation Cultural Cultivation

My take is that his lifelong commitment to searching for the truth and maintaining his intellectual honesty resulted in a breakthrough for all… I owe this man and I owe you for taking the time to look as well. I also owe Chuck and the Ochelli Network as well for this great privilege to discuss such important material.

Source link:

Corporation Nation Cultural Cultivation

What about Saule Omarova? Is she a Communist? Is she part of the cult? She said she can’t help where she was born but she can take steps to protect the gifts and life America and its people sacrificed for her. The question is will she? If she is in the cult….does she know she is part of a foreign cosmic plan to destroy America and the world as we know it. Ushering in a hell and torment/extinction event that she won’t be able to escape herself? Maybe we’ve all been tricked? Maybe we can learn from this and create a better future through knowledge and integrity. Overcoming this is still possible but it’s a very very small chance at this stage. You have the power to change that!

Corporation Nation Cultural Cultivation

Also….can you see the Yellow Sun and the Red Star in the Soviet Coat of Arms? How about the Yellow Sun symbol and Red Star on the CIA Logo? Can you see the cult symbols? Was America founded with or by this cult? Did we ever really have our own country? Can we purge the lies and start over? Can we do it together? Are you ready for true freedom? Jordan sacrificed his entire life to help his fellow man… What are you willing to do to be free? If not…..our species will die soon as well as all life on earth based on the current rate of destruction we all see. The choice is yours….

Join me in making the world free and not just America…The American people have the power to reverse course and avoid a major shipwreck for the rest of the world because the UN HQ is in the US INC. The UN is a Corp and can be addressed with Imminent domain and civil forfeiture legal structures.

Corporation Nation Cultural Cultivation

A proper investigation and fact-finding mission are in order and if found guilty and is proven without a doubt then Eminent domain and Civil forfeiture can be useful tools to make corrections as part of the solution… I do not practice law nor legal advice but suspect these options might be useful to those in law.

VERY IMPORTANT Do not fight the government, instead understand it and take action to correct it. Fighting is what the Military/Intelligence community desperately wants. They get an excellent raise and a good annual employee evaluation if we the people fight and destroy each other. Many (not all) of these people are trained cowards and dishonest people who only care about themselves and nothing else. That’s not the America I experienced. I do not salute stupidity. I salute good men and women who signed up for the right reason and their heart was in the right place. That cannot be found in the intelligence community at this stage. There are exceptions but they are being hunted and destroyed.

Looking past the Hollywood image of the intel community we know it’s simply a job nothing more. And getting a raise to offset the inflation while helping destroy the world is their goal at work each day! Their annual evaluations require an example of how they betrayed life… They have a buffet of choices to select from. If they can’t easily find an example they can use me. Jeffrey Matte was suppressed attacked and more…. A real boss looks for real-world examples to help get them that great raise and bonus through the annual evaluation. Let me be your reason you get that raise. Let me be the example you need to get that bonus so you can buy a boat or second home or feed your drug habits and depraved lifestyle… Don’t worry about using a colleague(s) as an example… they aren’t worth your time and effort. It would be considered inappropriate to use the suffering of a death of a colleague to get a raise. Use me or anyone you have cheated and destroyed to help lift your standard of living and prospects.

They need you to suffer and die for their career. They like what is happening… It’s exciting to them to be an executioner and master deceiver and well paid to do it.

Do we want a foreign…privately run brainwashed ship of fools to feed on us? Yet they are perceived as heroes and freedom fighters in the news and Hollywood. What will you do about all this? I also want to thank those in the intel community who have tried to contradict this stupidity and am doing my best to recognize any sacrifice made to help your fellow man. This comment is for the exceptions to the rule. The rest don’t have what it takes…

If you want a social credit system where you have no say on any decision you make from now on then sit back and relax till it is over… If not step up… It’s now or never…Stop using your smartphone… Stop using all the apps…Stops using the news as a source of truth. Stop relying on someone else to fix everything. Be part of the solution through participation.

Why am I doing this? To thank all the great people I met throughout my life and not just in America but around the world. Join the search for truth and love of freedom, not fighting and destruction.

I am at your disposal.

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For more key info check the visual presentation. Skip the first 50 minutes.


Pearse and Chuck discussed cartoons and Star Trek in the opening minutes of the second hour. The Rent Is Too Damn High Again. Everyone is getting squeezed. Price points and news joints end up getting smoked.





We will continue with the curious thing that is The Ochelli Effect as long as we can.



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Corporation Nation Cultural Cultivation

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