Farewell Legend Jordan Maxwell

The Ochelli Effect 3-28-2022 Jordan Mawell Tribute with Jeffrey Matte and Aaron Franz

Farewell Legend Jordan Maxwell

With Love and Respect, The Ochelli Effect presents a Tribute to Jordan Maxwell. Jordan Maxwell (Reported on the day he was born, Russell Pine) December 28, 1940 – March 23, 2022. He is gone and shall not be forgotten.

For show notes, We have thoughts from the three voices who were LIVE on the show. Many clips of Jordan are heard during the 2-hour podcast.

Goodbye Jordan

Purple Composite Jordan Maxwell

– Aaron Franz –

I am indebted to Jordan Maxwell, and his generous sharing of decades of his unique research. His influence remains beyond measure. I am very lucky to have gotten to guest host his show and to have met and spoken with him.

Aaron Franz

Jordan Maxwell and Jeffrey Matte in Egypt 2006

Golden Temple Jordan Maxwell and Jeffrey Matte in Egypt 2006

– Jeffrey Matte –

Jordan Maxwell will be greatly missed and I am grateful for his lifelong sacrifice to teaching those who wanted to know. His dedication to learning and sharing the truth with the common man/woman while exposing underlying criminality was near super-human. I wish to celebrate this man’s work by continuing to learn about our world and how it works, just as he did and the many others who do as well.

I also want to thank everyone around the world who tirelessly followed Jordan over the decades; you recognized the true value and insight this man represented when he was with us.
I am eternally grateful to Jordan, and forever in his debt for everything he taught me and shared unconditionally.

I also wish to thank Aaron and Chuck for their commitment to the truth and continued integrity in the material they choose to present.

You will be missed and I’ll see you on the other side.

Jeffrey Matte

Random Ochelli Effects with Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell over the years

– Chuck Ochelli –

Jordan Maxwell has been a friend and teacher to me for some years. I have met and worked with many unique men in my life at different times. The unique man I knew provided me with a great portion of my reformed worldview, before and after I started speaking with him. I never thanked him enough for his work or our friendship.

Teacher, I’ll see you soon.

Chuck Ochelli

Duplex Jordan Maxwell with Youtube Mirror

Jordan Maxwell Duplex

Farewell Legend Jordan Maxwell

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