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Born in 1972 , With one of the Loudest or most Muted Voices in Political , and Social Circles. The Alternative's Alternative. Radio Host , Researcher , and A Walking Talking Anti-Myth.
8 05, 2019

Unclear Skies post 911

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Unclear Skies post 911 Porkins Policy Radio 5-7-2019 Jenna Orkin OCHELLI.COM Proudly Presents Prorkins Policy Radio LIVE (Notes From Pearse) This week writer and journalist Jenna Orkin joined me to discuss her book Ground Zero Wars: The fight to reveal the lies of the EPA in the wake of 9/11 and clean up Lower [...]

7 05, 2019

Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty Four

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Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty Four The Ochelli Effect 5-6-2019 Jordan Maxwell This is the end, my friends. After 24 (Official) Episodes of Special Dogmatic Theology Jordan and Chuck decide to end the series. Next Monday Jordan will begin a new series on The Ochelli Effect more focused on Astrological aspects of Religion as it [...]

4 05, 2019

Kennedy Execution Baker Demolition Part One

By |2019-05-04T15:40:33-05:00May 4th, 2019|American History, books, Conspiracy, JFK, JFK Assassination, Podcasts, Walt Brown|4 Comments

Kennedy Execution Baker Demolition Part OneThe Ochelli Effect 5-3-2019 Walt Brown When Mike Swanson told me he thought Walt Brown's book "The Kennedy Execution" was at the top of his personal list for suggesting reading material for the JFK Assassination curious reader, I was skeptical. Walt Brown had already published the most lengthy and informed [...]

2 05, 2019

Garrison Magazine Issue One

By |2019-05-02T14:09:54-05:00May 2nd, 2019|books, Conspiracy, JFK Assassination, Joe Green, media history, mlk, Podcasts, Randy Benson|0 Comments

Garrison Magazine Issue One The Ochelli Effect 5-1-2019 Randy Benson and Joe Green Imagine a Magazine in digital and physical form that lets you keep up with a diverse universe of Deep Political research both historical and current on subjects. OK, Stop imagining. Garrison The Magazine has been launched to do what many journals [...]

1 05, 2019

Facebook Myopia Dystopia Amblyopia

By |2019-05-01T12:32:50-05:00May 1st, 2019|entertainment, media analysis, Mike Swanson, news, Pearse Redmond, Podcasts, Politics|0 Comments

Facebook Myopia Dystopia Amblyopia The Ochelli Effect 4-30-2019 Mike Swanson and Pearse Redmond On TYR's Day, A Cornucopia of Phobias and fabricated amblyopia deconstruct dreams of utopia. Michael Swanson started things off by examining the evolving social media/advertising head games driving personal interactions, Fame, and many walks of shame. Facebook is for grandpa. The [...]

1 05, 2019

Parallax Pot Luck

By |2019-05-01T11:55:24-05:00May 1st, 2019|Conspiracy, Cults, false paradigms, media analysis, news, Pearse Redmond, Podcasts, Politics, radio, social Issues|0 Comments

Parallax Pot LuckPorkins Policy Radio 4-3-2019 JG Michael OCHELLI.COM Proudly Presents Prorkins Policy Radio LIVE(Show Notes Written by Pearse Redmond)This week JG Michael of Parallax Views joined me for a wide-ranging discussion. We took a deep dive into the Clown World meme and what it says about society in a larger context. The discussion centered [...]

25 04, 2019

Peaceful Resolutions Pending

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Peaceful Resolutions Pending The Ochelli Effect 4-24-2019 Vince Easley On W Odin's Day, Chuck started the night with a pre-show music set and a plan to take calls while using news stories to tell a story about the trajectory of the American Empire. Vince Easley became the only caller via Skype and made the show [...]

24 04, 2019

Q-Tip Quiet Trump Oily

By |2019-04-24T13:13:05-05:00April 24th, 2019|Conspiracy, entertainment, jouranlism, JP Sottile, media analysis, Mike Swanson, news, Newsvandal, Podcasts, Politics, radio, trump|1 Comment

Q-Tip Quiet Trump Oily The Ochelli Effect 4-23-2019 Michael Swanson and JP Sottile Q-Tip Quiet Trump Oily What part of The alleged "Deep State" isn't running the actual work of the Trump Regime while the orange clown distracts everyone and keeps them fighting and guessing about non-issues instead of witnessing white collar robbery of every [...]

24 04, 2019

Julian Assange Haspel Salad

By |2019-04-24T12:48:50-05:00April 24th, 2019|jouranlism, Kevin Gosztola, media analysis, news, Pearse Redmond, Podcasts, Politics, radio|0 Comments

Julian Assange Haspel Salad Porkins Policy Radio 4-23-2019 Kevin Kevin Gosztola OCHELLI.COM Proudly Presents Prorkins Policy Radio LIVE PPR 183 (Notes By Pearse Redmond) This week friend of the show Kevin Gosztola of Shadowproof.com joined me to discuss the latest developments with Julian Assange. Kevin explained the charges that have been brought against Assange and [...]

23 04, 2019

Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty Three

By |2019-04-23T20:55:33-05:00April 23rd, 2019|Cults, jordan maxwell, Podcasts, radio, religion, spirituality|0 Comments

Special Dogmatic Theology Twenty Three The Ochelli Effect 4-22-2019 Jordan Maxwell In the wake of The Sri Lanka explosions and The Easter week celebrations, Jordan Maxwell continues the special series on religion. In Monday's discussion, Chuck and Jordan discuss the adaptation and adoption of what many call Pagan customs into Christianity. What are the motives [...]