Knobs Callers Destiny Dials

The Age of Transitions & Uncle The Broadcast as Proudly Presented by OCHELLI.COM

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 7-23-2023 Callers

Knobs Callers Destiny Dials

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 7-23-2023 Callers

Knobs Callers Destiny Dials

AOT #392

Chuck, Chris Graves, and Aaron discuss podcast production, and news at the Ochelli Radio Network. This gig isn’t as economical as it once was, and it isn’t even the gig economy, or is it? We may have missed that when it happened.

Topics include: Ochelli Radio Network, broken microphone, using the knobs, audio equipment, dollar store microphone, Disney video game microphone, promo products made in Asian countries, polka dot design idea, new Uncle IG videos, new shows coming to network, Chris Graves, guests charging appearance fees, Stuttering John, Sgt Slaughter, RFK Jr speaking fee, Dallas JFK conference trip, big budget podcast producers, over-saturation of podcast market, Cameo show bumpers, Jerky Boys, Captain Janx

UTP #303

The knobs were perfectly set for this show, and it’s a good thing. Uncle has new videos that you are going to want to watch on his social media.

Topics include: Skype calls, Chris Graves, Lara, Indiana Jones Dial of Destiny, Uncle’s food videos on Instagram, sauerkraut, Porkins dinosaur wedding gift glasses, shot glasses, knobs, Uncle merch vs new Uncle productions, social media, brain finally working, goals, fire season, want to return to Friday night shows, guest appearance fees, Trump merch, Indiana Jones movie review, tattoos






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Knobs Callers Destiny Dials

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