Shifting Universal Agora Auguri

The Ochelli Effect 8-5-2020 Dr. Rock and James Corbett

Shifting Universal Agora Auguri

The Ochelli Effect 8-5-2020 Dr. Rock and James Corbett

The electro-magnetic soup in our Galaxy is getting dusty, and just might be getting heated slowly enough that the frogs in the pots don’t notice the boiling. What is good to discuss on W Odin’s Day? How will the cosmos go to affect you?

Doctor Rock joined Chuck to discuss this along with the compliance paradigm in the age of Covid19. What is happening in the UK? Might the slim blanket of rights recognized in the allegedly United Kingdom be the only example left where the state is not all-powerful at all times?

Are all circuits busy? Is there an owner’s manual for western civilization?

James Corbett spoke with Chuck in the second hour about topics ranging from Eugenics and the snitch society to Black and Gray Markets. Can you wake up your friends and family? Plus Chuck asked James what he thought about the nearly 3,000-ton ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut.

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Shifting Universal Agora Auguri

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