JFK Assassination Myths Sixteen

The Ochelli Effect 8-6-2020 Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock

JFK Assassination Myths Sixteen

An almost unintended trip through the myths fantastic, and a toxic waltz at that.

Larry Hancock and Carmine Savastano join Chuck to drop this latest issue of the JFK Myths series.

Why? Well, the hits just keep coming and they are too often recycled on the stage of the official conspiracy deniers and the advocates from something else.

George H.W. Bush was not in Dealy Plaza. The Bush crime family is responsible for many atrocities in Chuck’s opinion but hanging the Assassination on JFK around any Bush’s neck is a game of far too many smoke and mirrors.

The supporters of The Warren Commission narrative need to recall that when the standard of Means, Motive, and Opportunity, is applied to the known facts they have a much steeper hill to climb than they generally admit to.

Is Oswald completely useless to the many Intelligence agencies that had knowledge of him? Do blurry pictures cherry-picked and manipulated make for viable evidence?

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JFK Assassination Myths Sixteen

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