Network Changes Topical Plans

The Ochelli Effect 1-20-2023 Roundtable Transition

Network Changes Topical Plans

The Ochelli Effect 1-20-2023 Roundtable Transition

Network Changes Topical Plans

B Pete is and will continue to be the co-host of The Friday Night Call-In show. We are changing how the Open Mic Night works starting next week.

We heard from Mrs.O, Jimmy James, Vance, and Chris Graves. Not in that order. We covered dew news items and Natureboy joined via Skype to add some Naked News to the mix.

Get Mad with Chris Graves is going to be LIVE 3 days a week starting February 6th. Chuck discussed the need to support the network as costs continue to rise. There will be sponsorship opportunities in 2023 for anyone that wants to or a general message on the network.

If you have a book, Blog, Podcast, business, or message you would like promoted on The Ochelli Effect, one of the other podcasts produced by The Ochelli Radio Network, or on the whole network, Get In Touch with us. 30 and 60-second audio spots can be purchased and created for any listener with a message they wish to promote at an ad rate starting at $50. USD monthly.

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Chuck appreciates all the recent feedback about doing a stand-alone series with the Greek. Feel Free to contact The Greek about this as well.

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Network Changes Topical Plans

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