Moving Poor Luke Warm War

The Ochelli Effect 1-19-2022 Mike Swanson – Larry Hancock

Moving Poor Luke Warm War

Moving Poor Luke Warm War

The Ochelli Effect 1-19-2022 Mike Swanson – Larry Hancock

This podcast is about 10 minutes longer than our standard two-hour-long presentation.

Mike and Chuck discussed how one location might just move the problems it has to another. Mike also gave us a few tidbits on the market and how thongs are going to be this year. Sadly there may be more of the “Nothing To See Here” attitude as the media covers the financial twist and turns and we are all along for a ride.






The War State: The Cold War Origins Of The Military-Industrial Complex And The Power Elite, 1945-1963

Why The Vietnam War?: Nuclear Bombs and Nation Building in Southeast Asia, 1945-1961 By Michael Swanson

Larry and Chuck discussed the latest version of the rebooted conflict with Putin and the objective view of the current conflict in Ukraine. This is part one. Next week Larry will be back to finish the discussion.


Creating Chaos: Covert Political Warfare, from Truman to Putin


(From The Editorial Reviews Section on
Tipping Point is the culmination of consistency and coherence; it is a story as it should be written. Larry Hancock establishes concise timelines which plot a path through the labyrinthine details that have been collected by a diverse array of researchers and investigators over the past several decades, presenting a detailed picture of the tactical elements of the attack in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963 – an attack which altered the future of the nation JFK had been elected to lead.

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Moving Poor Luke Warm War

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