Automated Wasteland Football Music

The Age of Transitions & Uncle The Broadcast as Proudly Presented by OCHELLI.COM

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 1-22-2023 Callers

Automated Wasteland Football Music

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 1-22-2023 Callers

Automated Wasteland Football Music

AOT #374

An automated society is now emerging.

Topics include: busy schedule, important news, social media wasteland, divided population, owners in society, coming economic reckoning, automation, AI-generated imagery, ChatGPT, technique, super intelligence, AGI, gaming the system, Game Theory, amassing wealth, quantum computing, virtual world to continue the status quo, pretense, engagement and attention, freedom from consciousness, nihilism, feigned opposition, V For Vendetta, Wachowskis, The Matrix, Truth Movement, Trump, Covid lab leak hypothesis, projection, Kamala Harris, deeds not words, philosophy, Aaron Rodgers and Ayn Rand

UTP #285

Uncle breaks down the NFL playoffs for his customers.

Topics include: the NFL playoff picture, Elton John, The Beatles, Eddie Murphy, Dio, and Black Sabbath, wrestlers

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Automated Wasteland Football Music

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