Cult Fourty Five Insurrection 2021

The Ochelli Effect 1-7-2021 Larry Hancock and Stu Wexler

Cult Fourty Five Insurrection 2021

American Jihad, Shadow Warfare, Creating Chaos, are all book titles from the pair of authors Chuck spoke to on Thursday night about the Mob that stormed the Capital in DC the day before. Is it time to read the riot act?

What is coming next from the ill-informed MAGA mass in the realm of combat justice as provoked by Rudy and his melting spray-on-hair? Did those who failed to convict Trump during impeachment get to face the consequences of their inactions?

Was this all allowed to happen? Will there be more events like what happened on January 6 before the Trump regime is deposed? Is the Trump Reality TV Experience finally over?

This is the best sober analysis we could assemble for you. Chuck is still having a hard time wrapping his mind around how there is enough inspiration for the MAGA mob to act and be allowed to do so.



Here is the sledgehammer guy

Pipe bombs and cooler of Molotov cocktails

Weapons were recovered but had been concealed, again these folks were smart enough not to be brandishing long rifles, which makes them much more dangerous.

Here is one with Zip ties…the really dangerous guys were well masked and very well equipped:

What about the question of preparation:

This isn’t DC but it does illustrate these folks are better organized than simple protesters and have inside support, makes one wonder if certain congresspersons provided intelligence on penetrating the capital


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Cult Fourty Five Insurrection 2021

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