Devil Details Dialogues Alan Dale

The Ochelli Effect 12-15-2020 Alan Dale

Devil Details Dialogues Alan Dale

This podcast contains a unique discussion between Chuck and Alan Dale. Alan is well known for participating in JFK conferences and his collaboration with many authors in the field. The conversation focused on his first book.

Who is Malcolm Blunt? Who else participated in the creation of Alans’ book? What is Alan Dales’ personal motivation for investigating the circumstances and history related to the murder of the 35th President?

The Devil is in the Details: Alan Dale with Malcolm Blunt on the Assassination of President Kennedy

Alans’ Book
The Devil is in the Details

(Text from JFK Conversations Website)
Alan Dale is a full-time professional jazz musician and bandleader, a lifetime student of American history whose parents were active as supporters and volunteers in the political campaigns of John and Robert Kennedy. Alan serves the noted FOIA attorney, Jim Lesar, as Director of the Assassination Archives and Research Center and is the host of JFK Conversations. He is affiliated with the research groups JFK Lancer and CAPA and is responsible for administration and content at He is an administrative and research assistant to Dr. John Newman.

JFK Conversations

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Devil Details Dialogues Alan Dale

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