Hancock Collection Surprise Attack

The Ochelli Effect 1-14-2021 Larry Hancock

Hancock Collection Surprise Attack


This is the first in a planned series featuring the collected works of Author Larry Hancock. Chuck and Larry Discussed various historical and current events that are often described as Surprise attacks.

Episode 1 –
Subset – National Security
Book – 1 – Surprise Attack

A look at the recent events in DC and how they should be and will be included in discussions like this in the future is included. The lack of preparation seems quite common when the National Security State is confronted with Domestic Threats.

Chuck and Larry discuss historical events including, Pearl Harbour, 9-11, The USS Liberty, Bengazzi, and The Gulf of Tonkin.

(A Note From Larry)

I think this would be the best thing to accompany the talk since it encapsulates the entire challenge, it a preface I used in Surprise Attack and comes from the lifetime career leader and guru of threat and warnings intelligence, Cynthia Grabo:

“Warning does not exist until it has been conveyed to the policymaker, and he must know that he has been warned….policymakers must realize that warning cannot be issued with absolute certainty, even under the best of circumstances…No matter how brilliant the intelligence performance, the nation will have failed if no action is taken”. Cynthia Grabo, Anticipating Surprise: Analysis for Strategic Warning.

Surprise Attack:


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Hancock Collection Surprise Attack

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