6 11, 2019

Surveillance Capitalism Redneck Rebellion

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23 10, 2019

NSFW Regular Roaring Effect

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NSFW Regular Roaring Effect The Ochelli Effect 10-22-2019 Regular Joe and Meria Heller NSFW Regular Roaring Effect On Tuesday night we did something completely different with Mike Swanson and JP Sottile taking the night off. First, we did a Regular Guy Newshour that seems to have become the anti-news hour. Chuck and Joe vaguely [...]

2 10, 2019

Swing State Boogie Exhaustion

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Swing State Boogie Exhaustion The Ochelli Effect 10-1-2019 Regular Joe and Pearse Redmond Are you tired of the alleged urgent matters of the day? Regular Joe and Chuck decided to take a break and bash Florida for an hour. Teachers get to carry guns in the state that always has the crazy people news [...]

28 09, 2019

Regular News Psycho-Babble

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Regular News Psycho-BabbleThe Ochelli Effect 9-27-2019 Regular Joe Regular News Psycho-Babble The Regular Guy News Hour closes the broadcast week. Regular Joe and Chuck try to avoid the Impeachment non-sense of the day but fail. Can we play with madness? Does anyone know what happened in courtroom drama today? We took no joy in this [...]

21 09, 2019

Regular Guy Alien Authority

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Regular Guy Alien Authority The Ochelli Effect 9-20-2019 Regular Joe Regular Joe joined us for his less than regular segment, Regular Guy News Hour. This Friar's Day seemed to present news that demanded the regular guy treatment. When is it a bad idea to beat down a thief with a bat? How badly do [...]