Photo Ops Amid Painful Cries

The Ochelli Effect 6-1-2020 Regular Joe – JP Sottile – Z’s

Photo Ops Amid Painful Cries

As many major Cities in America get torched Regular Joe and Chuck discuss what did and did not start the fire. Chuck vents a bit and talks about some of the real issues generally ignored in current media coverage.

JP Sottile dropped in on the show outside of his regularly scheduled slot to put the current political games in perspective. This was a short segment but much needed as we all wrap our heads around the latest non-sense from Trump and digest the real anger being voiced in the streets.

In the last half hour of the show, Chuck gets a LIVE report about the goings-on in Minneapolis since the events that seemed to truly kick-off the week of unrest.

Is this the only way to change things? Will many well-meaning people be injured in the process? Is there any sense to the establishment’s current narrative? Did Atlanta rise-up differently than other places? Can we all do better?

Meanwhile, the so-called son-of-a-bitch NFL Football player taking a knee sparked outrage among a large segment of society that has fallen silent when the world got to see a pig take a knee on a man’s neck.

I am disgusted and not likely to get over it any time soon. How about you?

Photo Ops Amid Painful Cries – The Ochelli Effect 6-1-2020 Regular Joe – JP Sottile – Z’s

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